Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Graduate ('s Outfit Hunt)

Apologies for not updating for a week or so- I had to finish up finals etc. Oh, and yesterday was graduation.

Hitting the topics: Outfits, Atlantic City, Critical Review of Tara Jarmon, Graduation

Ensembles worn during the last week of school:

Outfit One [sorry about the quality]~ Top: $6, Pants: $6 -- both from street vendors in Taiwan.
Outfit Two ~ Bubble skirt and Chain necklace from 2 entries ago. Theory Sweater- $17, Free People Cami- $13
Outfit Three [American Apparel-y?]~ Hoodie: $2 (Taiwan), Tank: $10 (Old Navy), mom's old Benetton skirt.
Outfit Four [Last School Day Morning]~ Blue Cami: gift, Tara Jarmon Cami: $15 [sale. story behind it later.], Express Top: $15, Ralph Polo Pinstriped Pants (some store in Maryland): $15

On Saturday, I went to Atlantic City with Soupi and her family- I haven't been there since 4 or more years ago when they still had the Ocean 1 mall that was basically a Ship jutting out into the Atlantic. I was kind of planning on going to the Factory Outlets there (Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, etc) but a few things happened and so I didn't get to go. *tear* I saw a whole lot of knockoff places all the while with Soupi was telling me how inhuman the human cart pushing job was and saying that the seagulls overhead were going to attack her. I bought toffee pecans. They were good but I think my teeth are rotting. I took a few pictures: the sky- I mean ceiling- at the Bombay Cafe in the Trump Plaza with Soupi's blurry hand messing up the picture, "birds on a wire", the Steel Pier [that I had never seen there before] & the Crazy Mouse, and steps up to the Trump thing. Lots lots lots of cute guys.

On the way there we spent like an hour at this Indian jewelry store in Rahway called Abson and it had the absolute best beads and crystals and pendants and oh god- it was purely amazing. I just wanted to buy them all. It makes me want to permanently take up jewelry-making. Each of these were $1.50 to $2.00. This is what I got:

Must find a way to use these. I love the goldstone pineapple. It makes me want to put it on a chain with a yellow square- like Spongebob- and just call it a day.

Lesson: If you pass an Indian bead and jewelry store, go into it. They're awesome.

Then on Sunday, I was looking for graduation dresses at Loehmann's- which had had a 40% off clearance sale since last Tuesday. Basically- the place was cleared. I found these super duper Paper Denim and Cloth jeans for like $10 [w/ discount] 4 different styles-- but the only ones were like grr...size 24- aka, like double 0, aka xxs. And the regular price dresses were a crapshoot too. There were these Sigerson Morrison flip-flops for like $8 [w/ discount]-- but how many flipflops does a girl need?

By then when I got home at 6:30, every single place was closed...except Target. And I was thinking about the Tara Jarmon collection and that I should probably check it out since I knew she had a colorblock dress and that she might have some other dresses. Long story short: bought a Tara Jarmon cami and wanted to buy these $10 Tara Jarmon jeans [a lot of choice items are on sale right now]until my mom talked me out of it. Or basically lambasted me out of it. And they have about the same wash as my Calvin Klein jeans. I may just go back and get it though...-insert maniacal smile- We were going to get this skirt for graduation instead since by then it was like 8 pm already, but I just couldn't justify spending $40 on a poorly-made -though very pretty- skirt that was too big for me (no other sizes). That's the same for about all the Tara Jarmon for Target items- very creative, but also very poor workmanship. Mom used to be a technical fashion designer for places like Tommy Hilfiger and Van Heusen and so she was muttering the whole time about how crappy the stuff was made and jabbering about the fit and stuff. And I actually agreed with her (gasp). I was going to try on that purple, green, blue dress number but the only one in my size had a broken zipper. Here's some photos of her line that I took-

The rose-coloured dress was very stiff and the shoulder straps kept falling. When I sat down it bunched up very unpleasantly near my crotch. The orange coat looks a lot better in real life. Trust me. And it's not made so bad. It's actually very nice.

When I got home I had to actually CUT these dangling cheap silk threads from the peach cami that I got. [all the camis were like that] I mean it's a beautiful top but it's horribly made. I kept snipping and snipping and I snipped all the way through the last half hour of Iron Chef. Then I realized that the thread wasn't fixed and so it kept unraveling which was just frustrating and then I accidentally snipped a bit of the main section of interwoven threads. Oops.

Then yesterday, which was a half day, I hit up Marshalls (nothing) and Macys (more nothing- it's the crappy Macy's in our town) and then Burlington Coat Factory, where- get this- I found ONE dress! There was only one suitable one. And thankfully it looked nice. The net underneath is quite scratchy but the dress is just pretty. Oh god, and there's something I must share...there was MARC JACOBS at the BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY- out of all places! Loehmann's still has pricey Marc Jacobs and stuff, but Burlington had like these MJ Tees and shirts for $13. THIRTEEN dollars. I used to dismiss Burlington. But now I can't. I mean. MJ. AT BURLINGTON. That doesn't even make sense. I must go back there.

Anyway, the dress rang up to be $35. Cheaper than that Tara Jarmon Skirt.

Then I got ready for graduation and paired the dress with these vintage orange-red Oleg Cassini heels I got off Ebay when I was on the Oleg high (see last post). My left foot was chafed like hell though. I need to say that I, myself, [since the time I abstained from animal skins] would never purchase any new leather shoes because of the ongoing cruel treatment of cows to obtain that skin, but if it's like 30-some years old...it becomes more of a matter of sustainability. I bought them for the designer (I mean...it's Oleg...my heart was about to erupt when I found them) and the beautiful, art-quality-ness, and the fact that they were vintage. I did not buy them because they were made of leather. I mean...I got freaking blisters on my foot from wearing them. And I have never ever ever gotten blisters before. Ever. For different people, there are different stances on leather. My recommendation is, if you MUST wear leather-- if you're one of those people that whines about your skin touching anything man-made, buy vintage leather. Personally, I would say items at least 20 years or older.

However, if you're very strict about leather and think it's disgusting, then good for you! I mean, honestly. That's the best-case scenario since there will be other people that will pick up unused cows that died for nothing at all and were collecting dust in some grandma's closet. I would also make a different circumstance for heels since though one can donate vintage leather casual shoes to homeless shelters etc- that homeless lady will probably not be needing to kill herself wobbling in some 3 or 4 inch heels.


Anyway, all through the Pledge of Alligence and the National Anthem- all I could think about was my left foot.

Sucks to be me. Oh and I had lost my tassel so I had to borrow someone else's and the Class President forgot to tell us to switch our tassels to the other side. It's really a good thing that as the Class VP I didn't have to say a speech or anything like he did...I probably would have tripped on my way up and down the stairs with my blistered foot and screamed blasphemy into the auditorium. Oh! I forgot- The auditorium seats matched my shoes.

And I probably would have been very bitter and said Something like, "The Academy is like a second home to me. [cough] Only here could I have worked hard and have had nothing result from it. Only here could I have obtained a 105 on my math final and been happy for a millisecond before I realized that nothing would come from it. Only here could none of us get into a competitive college [unless of course, you're one of the top 10 junior fencers in the world]. Only here would the engineering teacher never teach and just give out packets every week from Wikipedia and then quiz us on them until we all fail. Surprise! Only here could only one person--" and at that point I would be dragged off the stage.

Oh, and what else made me mad? The principal said something that repeatedly irked me. While he was going off on the "Only here..." sort of speech, he said, "...Only here could there be perfect scorers on the SAT." Scorers. With An S. He very well knows that I was the only perfect scorer. And that I did get a 1600? Well it was no thanks to the school! I hate it whenever he or the Vice Principal say that. Like I could count at least 4 instances this year when The VP was showing these families around school and when he happened upon me, said- "And this is Gloria- she got a perfect score on the SAT." OR "...ah! This is Gloria- she got double 8's on the SAT." This prompts the mom and dad of the families to go, "Oooooooh." and this prompts me to smile and grit my teeth.

It's like false advertising. Also, The end of high school does not mean there will be closure.

After taking pictures w/ teachers, friends etc, I came home and did a little Salvatore Ferragamo ad campaign-y poses and some other pictures. Dad was busy yesterday and Mom's stomach was hurting so we couldn't go to these vegetarian-friendly Ethiopian restaurant in New Brunswick called Makeda's...hopefully we're going there for dinner tonight.

No laugh-y:

The final cut...

And that is how you rock red, white, and black. <3

(and not look like a My Chemical Romance cover)


Monday, June 19, 2006

Oleg Cassini

Most people know who Oleg Cassini is- I mean most by the fashion-conscious people. For those who don't- Oleg Cassini was an American fashion designer - who outfitted Jackie Kennedy (among other actresses). And that's quite a big deal, dressing Jacqueline Kennedy- Jackie O was unargueably the most fashion-forward first lady in America to have ever...existed, really. Oleg has been characterized as a knock-off artist (imitating Parisian designs) and has also been characterized as debonair man who was actually quite the playboy (was married Gene Tierney, engaged to Grace Kelly). Unfortunately, he passed away earlier this year on March 17, 2006. [I so wish I could have met him]

(picture: msnbc.msn.com)

On the choice of Cassini being picked to create Jackie's look-

"The fashion establishment was shocked, Women’s Wear Daily journalist John Fairchild wrote in his 1965 book 'The Fashionable Savages.' 'Everyone was surprised,' he wrote. 'Oleg Cassini had been around for years. He was debonair, amusing, social, but none of the fashion intellectuals had considered him an important designer.'" (video clip also on- http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11888340/)

On his accomplishments- as written on www.olegcassini.com :

"Fashion historians credit Cassini with numerous design accomplishments- the sheath, the A-line, the little white collar dress, the knit and the military look for women."

What most people don't know is that Oleg Cassini championed faux fur designs. But what affected him to do so? Once, he made a leopard coat for Jackie O, and the look became so popular that over 250,000 leopards died because of the new demand to have the animals as look-a-like coats.

"Many years ago, I did a fur coat for Jackie Kennedy. I suggested leopard to her. She loved the idea because those kinds of looks had not been seen for a long time,'' Cassini, 85, says. 'It was an instant success in the fashion world. But it had a horrendous result in the world of leopards.' Cassini was so shocked when 250,000 leopards were killed worldwide as the trend he started spread, he never used real fur again." (sfgate.com)

"The other ladies wore fur coats, and they looked like bears," Cassini recalled years later. "Two-hundred-fifty thousand leopards were killed...I regret it."

One could say that that was a big push behind the skins industry- since it was- but a like-wise scenario may have happened later, except with a different designer- even if he was not the one to make such a popular item; one could also argue that at least Oleg tried to correct the movements he set in motion:

He created Evolutionary Fur. Made when "an artist scans a photo or drawing of an animal into a computer, which creates a digital simulation of the fur. The computer then maps a formula, the fabric is woven by machinery, and the look of fur is perfectly matched. By closely mimicking an animal's coat, the deep pile fabric made with both long guard hairs and short fur with an insulating undercoat, it keeps a person toasty on the coldest of days. Actually, this synthetic look-alike is warmer than an animal's fur with no animals having suffered in the process."


"Is it possible to allow millions of creatures to suffer the way they do? Because it is not death that is frightening, the frightening thing is the way they die," asked Cassini who spoke to large audience at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. "The motto is don't dress to kill."

True, true. Couldn't say it better myself.

Oleg had even stated, "I would never call them [Evolutionary fur] fake furs. The very name denotes a cheapness." (The Columbian- "It's Not Fake Fur--It's Faux")

Along with being compassionate he was an animal lover- he shared his Oyster Bay estate with a myraid of pets, some including"eighteen dogs, fifteen cats, thirty goats, six sheep, one half-ton sow, two Vietnamese potbellied pigs, one donkey, two parrots, twenty-two full-size horses, and two miniature horses." (http://www.nationalartsclub.org/pb_SE_artists_oc.htm)

What sparked this Oleg Cassini post is that a few days ago I suddenly got this Oleg Cassini high- I was looking online at Nordstroms, and I saw this Oleg Cassini dress- which sent me into a tizzy. I was thinking, Oleg Cassini? What? How can this be? He still has items out? Holy cow- I must go looking for more!

And that is how I uncovered stashes of apparel on the internet that sent me swooning. You must understand! To put it tersely and sadly- Oleg is no longer with us- which means to own his design is just...I don't know...I think it's pretty magnificent. And if you can- you should at least make an investment-his clothes won't stay around for long... and if you don't, a few years down the line you'll look back and you'll think, "Darn...I wish I bought that Oleg Cassini dress when I had the chance."

This is the Nordstrom dress. It's on sale (40% off...do you need even more incentive?) plus it has a bubble hem. When is kind of on the trend considering, you know...now go my darling- and quick- before all the sizes are gone.

In Order: Nordstrom Dress , SmartBargains 1 ($50), OxygenBookClub Dress ($50), SmartBargains 2 ($50), All Lord & Taylor Dresses

And of course...there's always Ebay. (remember- vintage Oleg; reuse, recycle- all that stuff.)

My point is...you can own a piece of him...er...or rather, his design and brainchild. How imminent is all this? Rather imminent...I saw a gorgeous brown embroidered dress of his on Lord and Taylor's yesterday- I checked today to put the link up- and lo and behold- it's already gone!

I will leave you on this note (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11888340/):

"In his 1995 book, 'A Thousand Days of Magic, Dressing Jacqueline Kennedy for the White House,' Cassini recalled a constant sense of urgency during the White House years. 'All I remember about those days are nerves, and Jackie on the phone: 'Hurry, hurry, Oleg, I’ve got nothing to wear,' he wrote."

I think the same thing sometimes. Along with don't dress to kill. Or don't dress to support the industry that kills.

(picture: msnbc.msn.com)

[btw. anyone see the Behind the Scenes at Chanel Cruise 2006/7? it's pretty funny. especially the bischon and the way Karl flips through that newspaper: http://fashion.chanel.com/events/cruise/en-us/]

(you can see samples of oleg's work at http://www.olegcassini.com)

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Friday, June 16, 2006

I try...

I try not to get ticked off. I try to go with the flow. But this whole fur thing is really weighing on me. There are a good number of fashion bloggers posting about fur- and I wonder if they've ever even watched a video clip of what needs to be done to the animals to get fur.

THEY don't live a fulfilled life and pass away nicely.

I was going to make an Oleg Cassini post today but I'm just too out of it to even type anything about that while trying to be unnerved and entertaining.

If you make a stance on the fur issue- and you do not know what sort of cruelty happens to the animals and have not seen- and therefore not have any slight idea what mental and physical pain one goes through to SIMPLY become a bunch of dead skin on someone's coat- then you're ignorant. I'm sorry- but that's the only way to put it. In order to make an educated decision- you need to somewhat grasp and see for yourself what happens. You need to SEE the other side.

I have a feeling a good amount of the bloggers who are taking sides have never seen seals clubbed, foxes walking around in cages with festering wounds, chinchillas electrocuted in the most disgusting ways.

And here's the truth- they probably don't want to.

I just don't comprehend this.

A lot of the bloggers are trying ways to justify fur. Oh well sometimes people eat the meat. Oh well we're superior to animals anyway.

How many people- do you think- eat vaginally electrocuted chinchillas? Huh?

I'd like to know.

This is my thought. Fur isn't justifiable. It's not justifiable because it's not necessary. If one can live without fur- live without wearing something else's skin- live without ending other's lives- they should.

It's not like I like watching clips of animals being tortured. But I feel OBLIGATED. If there's one thing I hate- it's ignorance. I hate ignorance.

Some people are saying "humans are more important" and "there's unethical things happening to humans."

Well - to put it tersely- no duh. Just because I care about animals doesn't mean I don't care about the situation of sweatshop workers, child soldiers, and genocide. Why do people need to pick only one thing to care about? What's the basis?

My heart can go out to many causes.

This one is fixable- this one touches me deeply. I don't want to go too much into depth about this at this stage in time- but I had 3 babies. I had 3 baby animals. They came into my care a year ago. In the end they were boiled alive in hot tap water by someone I shall not name while I was away. And that's just one instance of animal cruelty from personal experience. How is this any different from chickens getting their beaks cut off and sometimes boiled alive for some KFC buckets?

I'm sorry if I have a heart. But I do. And THAT was cruelty. And my heart broke into a million fragmented pieces. They were my BABIES. Don't tell me that animals are subordinate and they must be exploited since they're put on earth so of course they serve us.

That part isn't that bad either- if a farmer has a few cows and he gets his daily milk from them- fine. I mean- I'm not a vegan. I'm OK with honey. Getting a few things from animals are fine. But treat them with care- with respect. Let them lead a normal life. If you want something from someone- you don't treat them like crap- like less than crap- you must have the decency to act human to them.

But don't hook the cows up and pump them until they're raw and constantly impregnate them (to have the milk of course) and then butcher them for their skin. Don't drag them across the ground- and be blind to their wounds.

What is humane? That isn't humane.

Have you seen what happens? Don't make your decision until you see. With your eyes, ears, and heart.

I can't ignore animal screams.

My baby animals couldn't even scream.

Just because we CAN exploit animals (we're just high and mighty aren't we?) doesn't mean we should.

I'll make a more formal post later...I just needed to get my words out before I exploded.

Some people care about animal cruelty to pets but not when it comes to this. I know it's because they're not emotionally attached to any of those animals. But what makes your pet so special that it's better than any other animal? That could be your animal. That could be the cat and dog fur industry in China that I posted url links to the videos.

I don't understand.

If your heart says it's wrong. If your gut says it's wrong. If your sense of whatever senses it's wrong. It probably is.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Knock-off in a Bubble at Macy's

You ever feel just...blah? Like a sack of potatoes? Cause I feel like a sack of potatoes. In the doldrums. A sack of potatoes in the doldrums.

And I think my whole class failed the Engineering final. Surprise, surprise.

Anyway- no I'm not not mentioning Fur Fashion Week- I just I thought I should square this subject off first:

I went to the Bridgewater mall this weekend. It was then that I realized that shopping alone is very...well...depressing. Like, I hate talking to myself in my head about what looks nice and what doesn't, etc. So you know...if anyone wants to come shopping with me...

First off, Bath and Body Works was having this humongous sale but the lines were so freakishly long that I was like, "There's no way I'm going on that line for 20 minutes to buy some lip gloss." More importantly, they had (maybe still have?) a 50% off sale on Memoirs of a Geisha Fresh beauty products, Nanette Lepore, and Lulu Guinness perfumes. That's a good deal. Also, I went to Delia's, and I finally found the shirt that I was looking for before after I fell in love with it from a month ago. It's by Crafty Couture and I think it's just adorable. It's $20. I didn't get it though...I'm one of those romanticists so I'm still going to wait for a sale. There was a sale at the Menlo mall near me, but they were all gone by then. So that's why I went all the way to the other mall...although I still didn't get the shirt. I know!...I'm impossible. But God...I love this shirt... It's just so...I don't know, it just calls to me.

I also hit up Express...and I was about to get this shirt...but then I saw it was $20. And the fabric is so so shear too- and flimsy. I thought it was $10 on the rack (sales). And then I saw a long tunic type tee that was $10 but I got something else...which I'll tell you later. I love the shape the two tops make together.

I went to Bloomingdale's...and I fell in love with many shoes: Sigerson Morrison Skimmers, Salvatore Ferragamo Kitten-heeled Rain Boots (so cute. so expensive.), Stella McCartney Running Sneakers, Calvin Klein summer-y shoes (he does have some non-leather shoes). And I MUST MENTION before I forget- Nine West. Oh my God. What ever happened to the matronly boring image I had of them? Oh right- it was ditched that day. My goodness, I held like, 3 pairs in my hands and they were all non-leather, and they were so freaking cute! I was squealing inside. So cute. Then I went online, and I couldn't find them. So I must go back there some time and write down the item numbers. Maybe they have a different line for Bloomingdale's? A cuter, more sophisticated line?

I was still walking around feeling sort of empty though and I walked into Lord and Taylor's and saw these 3 unique non-leather Betsey Johnson belts. Betsey Johnson- as I said in my prom post in which I featured one of her umbrellas- is against using fur. I am so glad she makes belts though. After that, I put this outfit on- premier knock-off artist ABS' top- which I really liked, paired with Michael Kors jeans. The jeans didn't quite fit snug though.

Then I bought this- by R.J. Graziano

Before you start with me, I have to say that it was $11.50 (50% off and then the super nice lady cashier scanned me her coupon which gave me an extra 15% off), and no it's not totally on the Plastic Chain Trend Train that died. It's flatter, with a more interesting shape and chunkier and I just like how it rests on my neck. And then...then I went to Macy's. And they should really try making over their interior since it is just very blech and sack of potatoes-y. The junior's dressing room was like...wow...the ground was actually like a stained basement floor. Really disgusting. I wasn't planning on getting anything...but then I did. Before you start with me for the second time- in my defense, it doesn't hang on me so disgustingly like the Luella Bubble Skirt (I almost died when I put that skirt on. I looked like crap). It's a jersey bubble skirt by Necessary Objects and it ended up being $9.50. They're just so interesting. The Bubble silouhettes. I liked them a while back before they were deemed "in" and before some people automatically kept dissing them "out" just because they were deemed "in." Even the ugly ones- which are just mesmirizing and hypnotic.

So I bought two "trendy" items. (taboo?) But I'm very very satisfied with them.

I need to make a confession now... I hate my calves. (the body part, not the baby cows.) I absolutely abhor them. They're not even like muscular calves either- they're just...big and fat and obnoxious with skirts...I even measured them the other day. I'm really contemplating excercising more now.

Anyway, that's the other reason why I like the skirt. Here is a piece of advice to other people with calves which are not sculpted to your liking: skirts should hit at least above the knee for the most flattering shape. Unfortunately, the shorter the skirt, the leaner your legs will look and the less obnoxious calves like mine will look- unless you like your calves that way. Also, if you're going for longer cropped-type pants (for summer), don't have the him hit at the fattest part of the calves. Hit them at least 2 inches lower. I know from experience.

Before I left, I passed by this certain shoe at Macy's by Marc Fischer on the rack like 3 times, looking over it and Hmm-ing, going, "Hmmmm...where have I seen this shoe before?" It was after the 4th time when I was in the size 9 section (I always look in other sections that my shoe size for some reason) that I finally went, (to myself though, because I was alone) "Ah-ha! I've seen this shoe! It's a Stella McCartney rip-off!"

This might slightly interest Susan from Counterfeit Chic.

Here come the interesting parts. The shoe is pretty much an exact replication of Stella McCartney's. From the appearance, nothing is tweaked. Normally the knock-off-er tweaks a thing or two. Even the color- the one I saw at Macy's- was precisely the same.

Do you know what isn't tweaked though? THE MATERIAL. The Marc Fischer shoe has leather. And as many of you may know- Stella McCartney doesn't design with leather or any animal skins. I mean, I hardly even know what to say. This Marc Fischer has not only taken Stella's design, he's taken her design which was not meant to be made of animal skins at all- and made a leather model of it! And he bothers charging $85. That's just...insane. Even the interior of the shoe (with the scalloped edges) looks like Stella's studded pump shoe. I'll be straightforward...what is wrong with this guy? It just doesn't make sense. It's like (to make it more understandable) someone taking her fall line and making it exactly the same except switching the fabrics for fur, leather, and shearling (which I hate being referred to as "fabrics"- why don't they just say animals or skins? They are, after all).

Oh, it's just insane.

Macy's is having "it's biggest" one day sale- plus 25% off all clearance today.

Nothing comes between me and my Calvins (or my Calvins and I):

Non-leather Calvins on sale- [ranging from $33 to $60]

Macy's Calvin Klein Shoes

Don't worry...there's cuter ones on other sites- or at least at Loehmann's and Bloomingdale's. [I'll eventually make a CK post anyway]

Ten Items I Liked:
Choice Calvin Klein Blazer with Flutter Peplum
BCBG Flared Suiting Pant
Michael Kors Embroidered Tie-Front Tunic
BCBG Ruffled Wrap Shirt
Betsey Johnson Broomstick Charmeuse Skirt
Calvin Klein Voile Skirt
Calvin Klein Soft-Tie Velvet Jacket
French Connection Lightweight Jersey Wrap Dress
A.B.S. Lace Trim Contrast-Tie Dress
Sugar "Macro-Maniac" Flat ($9!)

Pictures of FC Dress, DKNY Jacket, ABS Dress, Kors Tunic, CK Voile Skirt.

The Kors tunic reminds me of Jess' blue top that was in a post a few days ago.

There's also a Petites and Plus Sizes section.

Oh, and jeans are super cheap so browse around. Look at these DKNYs for $6 (and they're not even clearance):

...and this Necessary Objects Ruched Mesh Dress for just $14:

I will leave you with this image of my dream bubble skirt by DVF-

[There's a 10% off everything discount going on at Bluefly]

Feel free to leave comments. [it's getting awfully lonely around here]

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Kate Spade Sale & Fred Flare

I actually have two finals on Wednesday but the Kate Spade Sample Sale is only for a brief period of time which is why I'm posting- the sale ends on June 15th. It's actually email-invitation only and isn't mentioned on the katespade.com site itself so if you're searching high and low- tough luck:


Kate Spade can make things like this-

...which really scares me. (It's made of lamb fur...won't go into detail.)

But if you crave Kate Spade you're in luck since she does have products without animal byproducts (not meaning to be repetitive). (images are, of course, from katespade.com)

The doggy keychain looks a bit like a pug. Personally- I love the bright canvas pencil case and nylon dog carrier.

Also- Fred Flare has this $10 off any bags deal going on under this Friday, the 16th: code- TOTEALLY.0606


None of the bags have leather so splurge to your heart's desire <3

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