Monday, July 02, 2007

Woman in the Mirror, Richard Avedon, Libraries #3

Hey hey, here's the next installment of the fashion photography book series. Finally, we're moving on from Vogue and it's spawn, Teen Vogue. Although...when I came home today, this kind of nauseated me. The August issue.

Seriously? Seriously? LAUREN CONRAD HAS ALREADY HAD A COVER IN TEEN VOGUE AND IF SHE DIDN'T DESERVE it the first time, why now?! So I flipped directly to the article which is... just a page long. I guess it was hard to find material to talk about. Again, seriously? Your covergirl, well, COVERGIRLS only get 1 page? Maybe that means you should allot the space to some actual talented stars. How long did that article take, seriously? A day? An hour? Were you pressed for time so they were your last minute backup?

That just...really... I mean, making me lose all my faith. Lord...

And the article just talks about LC who's planning on making a handbag/clothing line something something (surprise surprise) and Whitney who may get a permanent spot on the Teen Vogue staff! yayyyyy -dies down- .

Anyway, we're moving on to a star's material who is much more substantial. Richard Avedon. (which I bet neither of those reality star blondes have ever heard of, cough)

All these photos belong to Richard Avedon and their publications and whatever.

Top 8 Favorite Photos from Richard Avedon's Woman in the Mirror

Paris, August 1955

This is such a graceful, majestic picture...let's hope in Paris they didn't treat them cruelly like many other places in America, like Ringling.

Paris, August 1956

I love this! An extravagant model playing an arcade game. Pinball?

Paris, August 1957

New York, December 1953

Gloria Vanderbilt, socialite. Beautiful portrait.

New York, December 1966

Paris, 1970

Believe it or not, Jean Shrimpton's inside this large, fluid dress. This reminds me of another photo I once saw, I don't know if it was a dress by Roland Mouret or some Japanese designer (very general right?) but when I saw this photo it gave me a deja vu sense.

New York, January 1967

Love the strange fledgling shape this dress makes-- as well as the shiny metallic ribbed tights.

New York, August 1995

What a way to show off a dress by Issey Miyake, huh? Avedon actually has a whole series of photos like this. Kind of creepy. They're the only photos in the whole book that are color. Anyway, it's not really my favorite, but it certainly is...something. Quite um...shocking and definitely not an image I'm going to forget easily.

Wow, this is a record, isn't it? Posts for three straight weekdays.

Now, pardon me while I move this August issue of Teen Vogue off my desk before I puke over their cover girl primped blonde hair. I'll read the rest of the issue later.

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