Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ShopStyle and returning from the grave.

So, I'm back from the dead. And I was thinking of how to kick off my semi-resurrection when I heard of this contest for Coutorture where you can put together outfits on this site called www.shopstyle.com. So I kicked back for a lot a lot of hours, cause I deserve to after a tiresome first two semesters (although this was a bit of work itself), and assembled these outfits. It's a pretty serious cool. I loved browsing through the clothing pieces since I haven't gotten to do that in a while, and assembling these. Hope you enjoy them too ;)

I call this look: unsnobby resort.

It's laidback with a whimsical punch of color on the top -- a pink-peach polo popping out from underneath a bold blue flowy top. cute and individualized for summer, or getting off from a plane somewhere. ;)

simple. cute. refreshed.
breathe in...breathe out...

I call this one: the comfy, casual party shine (I know, too many words)

I can imagine like, a little get-together party in a grand house's library somewhere. very cozy...probably somewhere in the northeast...with a little bubbly -champagne- and lovely, booky girls.

when I saw the brick cardigan, I knew I had to use it, and what better way to offset it with another bold color like a canary yellow...maybe seems a bit extreme but it can be pulled off-- and when it is it's the happiest marriage between ketchup and mustard ever! :D

I picked the cream tights so that it would soften up the look-- black tights would make it look to harsh. And Added a bit of glitz and complementary colors (gold and silver) to pick up the canary and cream.

This one, I named: Clubbing (or Lounging) with a Capital C. (or L.)

So of course, I'VE never been clubbing (cough cough) but this is what I would imagine I would wear if it was one of those glittery, swanky LA parties.

well, I can't really imagine dancing in it...but I can imagine lounging around on it on some big velvet couch and conversing with a really cute boy.

the cropped jacket is just to cover it up so when you get inside...it's like Bam! (hint: Love the Dress...) and adding in a black-white, crystal-ish necklace mixes it up a bit, just a bit. and plus, because well, you know, for those with non-existant cleavage, it provides a focal point (just so you know, I typed that with a really straight face).

Lastly, this one is: the fun, summery, shopping for pears etc. outfit

So...I put together this outfit expressly because I'm starting to have this thing where it's like: A little leopard goes a long way. Too much leopard looks a little too seriously overbearing, it's just too much. A little makes an outfit funky and uplifting...not heavy like some overbearing, cloying perfume.

this is one of those outfits where I can imagine a lady with her hair pulled up with a thin tight elastic headband, walking around, grocery-shopping outside in some outdoor market...picking up a pear and smelling it (cause you know, we do that all the time).

that's why there's only four pieces, because sometimes simplicity is key (like smelling a fruit).

plus, those of you that know me know that I really like stella mccartney. really really.

PS. Check out the site for a chance to show off your own taste and win one of three ShopBop gift certificates. (till May 31st!)

and now before you know it, I will churn out my next article... ;)

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Blogger Alison said...

You're back( YAY!)
I love the first and the last looks, I want them. a lot.

11:47 AM  

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