Friday, June 16, 2006

I try...

I try not to get ticked off. I try to go with the flow. But this whole fur thing is really weighing on me. There are a good number of fashion bloggers posting about fur- and I wonder if they've ever even watched a video clip of what needs to be done to the animals to get fur.

THEY don't live a fulfilled life and pass away nicely.

I was going to make an Oleg Cassini post today but I'm just too out of it to even type anything about that while trying to be unnerved and entertaining.

If you make a stance on the fur issue- and you do not know what sort of cruelty happens to the animals and have not seen- and therefore not have any slight idea what mental and physical pain one goes through to SIMPLY become a bunch of dead skin on someone's coat- then you're ignorant. I'm sorry- but that's the only way to put it. In order to make an educated decision- you need to somewhat grasp and see for yourself what happens. You need to SEE the other side.

I have a feeling a good amount of the bloggers who are taking sides have never seen seals clubbed, foxes walking around in cages with festering wounds, chinchillas electrocuted in the most disgusting ways.

And here's the truth- they probably don't want to.

I just don't comprehend this.

A lot of the bloggers are trying ways to justify fur. Oh well sometimes people eat the meat. Oh well we're superior to animals anyway.

How many people- do you think- eat vaginally electrocuted chinchillas? Huh?

I'd like to know.

This is my thought. Fur isn't justifiable. It's not justifiable because it's not necessary. If one can live without fur- live without wearing something else's skin- live without ending other's lives- they should.

It's not like I like watching clips of animals being tortured. But I feel OBLIGATED. If there's one thing I hate- it's ignorance. I hate ignorance.

Some people are saying "humans are more important" and "there's unethical things happening to humans."

Well - to put it tersely- no duh. Just because I care about animals doesn't mean I don't care about the situation of sweatshop workers, child soldiers, and genocide. Why do people need to pick only one thing to care about? What's the basis?

My heart can go out to many causes.

This one is fixable- this one touches me deeply. I don't want to go too much into depth about this at this stage in time- but I had 3 babies. I had 3 baby animals. They came into my care a year ago. In the end they were boiled alive in hot tap water by someone I shall not name while I was away. And that's just one instance of animal cruelty from personal experience. How is this any different from chickens getting their beaks cut off and sometimes boiled alive for some KFC buckets?

I'm sorry if I have a heart. But I do. And THAT was cruelty. And my heart broke into a million fragmented pieces. They were my BABIES. Don't tell me that animals are subordinate and they must be exploited since they're put on earth so of course they serve us.

That part isn't that bad either- if a farmer has a few cows and he gets his daily milk from them- fine. I mean- I'm not a vegan. I'm OK with honey. Getting a few things from animals are fine. But treat them with care- with respect. Let them lead a normal life. If you want something from someone- you don't treat them like crap- like less than crap- you must have the decency to act human to them.

But don't hook the cows up and pump them until they're raw and constantly impregnate them (to have the milk of course) and then butcher them for their skin. Don't drag them across the ground- and be blind to their wounds.

What is humane? That isn't humane.

Have you seen what happens? Don't make your decision until you see. With your eyes, ears, and heart.

I can't ignore animal screams.

My baby animals couldn't even scream.

Just because we CAN exploit animals (we're just high and mighty aren't we?) doesn't mean we should.

I'll make a more formal post later...I just needed to get my words out before I exploded.

Some people care about animal cruelty to pets but not when it comes to this. I know it's because they're not emotionally attached to any of those animals. But what makes your pet so special that it's better than any other animal? That could be your animal. That could be the cat and dog fur industry in China that I posted url links to the videos.

I don't understand.

If your heart says it's wrong. If your gut says it's wrong. If your sense of whatever senses it's wrong. It probably is.

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Anonymous saz said...

I agree completely with you. So many bloggers are incredibly ignorant of the suffering that goes on behind fur, and when you leave a comment about it you are bombarded with other comments about how lame it is to care. If you are going to wear fur you at least owe it to yourself to research how it is made and then make a decision whether to wear it or not. Simple as that

8:38 PM  

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