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Marc-ing the Trip

Hey guys. I've got a lot, a lot, to tell you- it seems that every single place is having a sale at this time of the season- but first and foremost- this post is about the trip to the "big apple." Where do I start...

I love NYC, I really do. It's just full of really interesting people with individual styles, and of course, hairstyles: purple and pink, blue and white- braided, just everything. I'll probably be really detailed at times- and not just about fashion- since I want to make you feel like you were there almost and in my shoes...

The most logical way of jotting down the trip is going in order-

We were due into school at about 1:30 and left for the city at about 2:00. Our school is located on a college campus so while I was waiting, Soupi (a friend mine who looks really rocking in dandelion colors because of her tea-colored skin) and I went to the college bookstore and bought Burt's Bees chapsticks- 2 bucks each- which isn't bad. I also bought my mom a birthday card there. Primarily, I brought Soupi there to smell Burt's almond hand cream...which smells so good...for a few seconds.

Then we (all 30 of us seniors) piled onto the bus and off we went.

I sat next to Jessica...who got really insane and hyper at times that caused the principal to look back at her like she was nuts. One thing led to another- we passed these weird structure things on the way there that looked like large alien pogo sticks, a bunch of stuff that looked like disconnected roller coasters, and also this tower with a spinning white centrifuge on top- and suddenly, according to Jess and some infinitesimal part me, - I'm this short fat alien who can transform at night and suddenly can become tall and bounce on pogo sticks (that was Jess' idea) and at night all the aliens come down and ride these roller coasters and then I was going to put her in the centrifuge and sacrifice her. And then I would put her on this tiny tiny plot of land in the middle of the lake with her boyfriend. I know- nonsensical. Then all of us on the bus became aliens and we were going to eat her and Soupi had a claim on her ears and thighs. Or something like that. And then "Shree-Shree" said something like, "She tastes like fudge." Referring to Jess. Which had really random timing and it was just hilarious.

But then. Then there was the circle of wandering. Jessica pointed it out to me. On the map we were all given there was a circle. Like a deadly circle. It was a circle of where we could...wander. Self-explanatory. It had a four block radius. A four block radius!

Suddenly I became very sad and indignant because this meant no Marc Jacobs! No Marc! I had set my heart on those tiny cute pencil sharpeners! This was the whole point of going to NY! Yes, this made me quite sad. But I knew I had to go. I had to. I didn't care if I broke the wandering circle -or as Jess corrected me- the circle of wandering. I knew I had to go there. Maybe I would be a rebel for a day...but maybe I would get into trouble...either way I didn't tell Jess I might rebel since she's more of a stickler. I mean that in a very very loving way.

So we finally drove into the city and we passed TWO urban outfitters. And they were like two blocks apart! It was just really weird. And I pointed it out to Soupi and we swore we would go- since Soupi never went into one. The last one I went to was in um...Westwood- since I was visiting UCLA- which in case you wanted to know- I didn't end up choosing since it was just too too too many people...even IF urban outfitters is like a 5 minute walk from there.

This is the $10 shirt I got in Westwood- which I actually wore that day.

NJ doesn't have urban outfitters. I guess we're just not urban enough. In fact...this is a bit sad...look at this map:

According to that map- NJ does not exist. Which is funny- yet...sad at the same time.

Anyway- when we reached Union Square in front of Whole Foods- the first one I've ever seen before- we pulled to a stop. And then I looked down. And there was. the most. perfect. picture ever. There was a stand right in front of Whole Foods where there was a cute old man- not that old though- with his silvery hair pulled back into a short curly ponytail, wearing this black grommet hat and a red plaid shirt...Blowing Bubbles With This Pink Bubble Gun.

It was perfect. But just as I was about to take the photo from my seat on the coach bus...lo and behold- he turns to me and holds my gaze. And so I'm like a deer in headlights- I'm thinking :Oh God, how can he see me? I thought we had tinted windows! Maybe I should take the picture. But wait, is the flash on? No, okay- but he's still looking at me! That means he can see through the window! Oh no- I'm too self conscious to take a photo without his permission now!:

So I didn't take it.

I know. I should've taken the damn picture. But I just felt like it would be really rude to when he was looking straight at me and my camera on the bus and just snapping a picture without his OK-ing it. But...I didn't take it.

So we got off right in front of Whole Foods and I had the urge to ask the guy for his picture. But I'm a pretty timid girl sometimes so I didn't ask- though my gut kept telling me to. He was selling cute beaded slippers- non leather- for like 15 bucks. Speaking of...NY has a lot of nice shoes for 15 bucks and less.

We all split off into groups- my group was Shree (my mother thinks her name is shrimp), Jess, Soupi (my mother thinks her name is soup), and Mike. Yes. Mike. Sounds random. I occasionally call him a metrosexual since he always gets a kick whenever Jess wears her boots. He sort of um...critiques clothing choices sometimes. And he has a boots fetish or something. Later on I told him he was in his element since know.

Anyway, we were still figuring out where to go- I even printed maps and maps of ways to get to Bleeker Street (MJ) and Wooster Street- where there was a Todd Oldham and La-Z-Boy sample sale. I was going to look for my mom who said our old recliner is...well, older than me and quite dusty and past its expiration date. And Todd Oldham is cool. He's an animal advocate and does not use Any Animals in his furniture line. He used to be primarily in the fashion design industry and also was a photographer and then went into interior design and I think he has a Target line but anyway here's a bit about Todd Oldham.

Here's a tiny tag about him at the end here. Not to mention- he also did a Fur Fraud Sting. You've got to like this guy- scroll down to the Skins/Fur section where his clip is. Or you can try this here.

And if you want to know about Todd's interior design lines and product collections:

To get on with the program- the circle of wandering forbade us to cross the line to 73 Wooster Street. So no Todd Oldham or Marc Jacobs. "That stupid piece of paper," I seethed. I even contemplated telling the english teacher and the principal that I was going to break the circle if that was OK. But I didn't want to run the risk of them saying no.

I also wanted to visit Zen Palate- but I didn't get to...I believe that WAS inside the circle of wandering. In retrospect I also should've tried to drop by Gobos to check it out. I had even offered going to Zen Palate for dinner- but our advisor/english teacher booked us for Dojo's instead. I read that the guitarist from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Nick Zinner- likes to go to Zen Palate.

Contrary to popular belief and assumptions, Veggie food can be mouthwatering.

Anyhow- I was busy trying to coax Soupi to go ask the man with the bubbles for a photograph so I would have a good excuse to take a picture of him. But she squealed, "No!!" Later on in the day she gave in because she realized it meant so much to me but said she would ask with me but not be in the picture. Since that made no sense at all.

After the unsuccessful coaxing my group started walking in the direction of Urban and passed a lot of shoe stores and passed this store called Strawberry net or something which had trendy items for cheap but I didn't buy since I had a mission and I didn't know if my funds were going to run out...I brought 90 bucks. So it shouldn't have run out, but still I didn't need to buy unnecessary items. Then we walked into this jewelry store called Cinderella jewelry or something like that. I saw this gorgeous cameo belt...but it was like 29.99 or something insane. It was a beautiful piece though.

Then we reached Urban! Not the one 2 blocks further back. But the first one we reached. There was this black guy with heavy braids with dark black sunglasses as a guard at the door. And I was like, oh geez, you know, since I had never been to an Urban's with security detail. Anyway I led them all into there, walking around like I knew where I was going and like I fit in and stuff. Since sometimes you need to act like you know what you're doing. Which I did. But I can be pretty self-conscious- ie. the cute old guy blowing bubbles.

And Jess was like, "Oh I feel all out of place." And I reassured her that she wasn't. And I saw a whole wall of Asics...I love Asics. I will probably profess my love and appreciation for Asics in another post. And I saw all these items which I had seen online which is you know, pretty cool when you see it up front and the texture and cloth and feel the design between your fingers...

Then we walked downstairs where- drumroll- the sales place was. And I like sales.

We- or rather, I- rooted through a bunch of stuff for like a straight 15- or was it 20?- minutes, since I found my haven and then all this weird exchange happened and Jess said that they might split apart since I said I would probably spend some more time rooting through all the clothes- and so Jess said she would stay with me and Mike, Soupi, and Shree could go somewhere else. But actually Soupi and Shree wanted to stay. And so she and Mike went off somewhere to Sephora and Barnes and Nobles and her favorite- Starbucks. Which didn't make any sense at all since then we could've all stayed at Urban.

Most of the things were quite expensive still and I found Doe shirts... that's another thing I'll have to talk about another time- my love for Doe. While I was looking through and putting all these hats on Soupi and handing her glittery flasks from the bins- she found a book about er, the sex lives of wild animals. Um. Nuff said. I told her to put it down- Soupi's dear dear mind was being polluted! But she found it all rather interesting and informative. Although uh- too graphic at times. You'll see what I mean...Urban can have kind-of-racy literature and home items-see here.

Then I finally found two things! And I was so happy! I was happy! First, I found this Vinyl Black Paul Frank (I'll probably need to make a separate post about Paul Frank one day) I-pod Case (Ditto for I-pod cases). I had actually seen that cover online like one or two years ago when I was looking for a case- but it was like 26 bucks. I found it in the bin for $10. And I still have my old school 3rd Generation I-Pod so it should fit...I haven't found my I-Pod yet though. It should be in my room somewhere. For now here’s this one I saw on Karmaloop. You know, when you factor in the $10 gift code they give you when you join…the cover is really quite inexpensive.

And then on the sales table I found the cutest Canvas Wall Art- it was the last one.

It has a bunny figurine in the middle. (It’s a lot cuter in real life)

It was 5 dollars. 5. You get the point right? I actually went online the day after and found this deer-

It's 50 bucks though. One decimal point to the right. And I think my bunny is cuter than the deer.

I found out mine was 5 bucks after I went to the counter. I also found out there was a puncture in it- the nice girl behind the counter informed it to me- I had not even seen it since it was barely noticeable. But it was the last one so I bought it anyway. While we were on the line I saw this girl right behind us- nicely dressed- who was eyeing my bunny. Not in an evil way. But eyeing it. And I felt so proud of my bunny. Since I like to be happy about trivial things because then it's easy to be happy all the time. Also when we were on the line, Soupi and I found out that Shree had a very good sense of smell. I sprayed this fragrance on her and she wrinkled her nose and was like, "Wow...Smells like...Vanilla." And Soupi and I widened our eyes- since she was right- it was Vanilla Cake Batter. And then she continued, "And like Cake Batter."

And so of course- this was much cause for celebration because now we know Shree has a very very functional nose.

My total was 15 bucks.

When we left it was about 4:05 and we still had about 1 hr before we all had to meet up on that block of concrete across the street from the Whole Foods and Virgin Records (At least I think it was a Virgin Records)- I had actually thought that Union Square would have grass. I was still scheming in my head about whether to go to Marc Jacobs or not. Since now that Jess wandered off with Mike (no comment. no...really. no comment.) she would not be able to stop me from going to MJ's store. I had confided to Soupi and Shree the other day that I was going to MJ to buy pencil sharpeners, but I didn't know if they knew about the circle of wandering since maybe only Jess paid attn to that annoying circle.

I knew that it was going to be tough. Since though I had a map I did not know where I was going and I still only had one hour which was meant not getting lost from Urban Outfitters to Marc Jacobs. But I decided I would try. I looked at the street names and told them I knew where I was going to try to get us to MJ's for pencil sharpeners and lipstick pens and Soupi got excited too.

And so we went off and started the adventure!

By now it was pretty hot and I had 4 layers of clothing on which was really stupid but I was in a rush so I didn't go to a bathroom to take them off. I was afraid that I wouldn't remember which twists and turns we took to get back since I'm a pessimist and so I was pretty sure it was possible that we wouldn't get to MJ and then we would get lost and miss the 5:00 deadline and everyone would send out a search party and I would get all of us into trouble and I would need to have a "firm" talk with the principal and Shree would be mad at me for getting us lost.

First we wandered to a side street near a St. Peter's hospital or something like that and this lady stood there Hmm-ing and I'm think-ing a lot - for a few minutes. And finally she said something about going somewhere and near Greenwich and so we went. We went one block before we saw a Barney's Marc Jacobs Billboard and then we asked this policeman who was also Hmm-ing and I'm think-ing a lot. And by now it was almost 4:20 and I was sweating and they were sweating and Shree was like, "Are we even supposed to be here?" and getting worried and Soupi was like, "It's okay, I understand how much you want to go- you're like me when we went to Six Flags and I wanted to go everywhere."

And so then the policeman pointed us off and we went 2 blocks more and Soupi got scared of a few big dogs that passed. And we passed these really nice residential buildings and then we asked this middle-aged guy who did even more Hmm-ing and I'm think-ing and looking at the map and said he didn't know but pointed us off down the block where we ran (due to time and panic) and rounded the corner and then I saw the wonderful words from the lower right corner of my eye as I was sweating profusely with Shree lagging behind the two of us going, "Are we there yet?":

MARC JACOBS. In that beautiful Marc Jacobs-y font that he has. It was the best sight in the world. I saw those words; white text against a beautiful black.

And I exclaimed, "I told you so! We got here!"

Then I looked into the clear windows- it was the specialty Accessories and Handbags Uppercrust Marc Jacobs store. It was very very empty and sterile. And I was like, "It's Okay. It's OK. That means the MJ store we're looking for can't be that far off." Since his two stores are supposed to be right near each other. So I asked the security guard inside where the other Marc store was and he said it was right down the street so we went. He was a tall, handsome-looking security guard.

And then we passed this store where outside there was a camera crew and everything. And Soupi said, "What if we passed someone famous and we didn't even know!" The adrenaline was still rushing around our brains.

(pictures from

Finally. We saw the right store. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Store. I said, "Oh my god...oh my god...I can't believe we made it!" Not because you know, Marc Jacobs is God or anything, but because we finally found the store after all this running around and sweating and people Hmm-Hmm-ing and I'm think-ing.

I pulled on the cold metal handle- so refreshing against my heated hand- and we stepped inside as the air-conditioner greeted us:

It wasn't like I expected- it was better. It wasn't spacey and intimidating like I had thought. It was actually very tight-knit and sort of homey, kitschy, and cozy. Yet still with that "Wow..." feeling. They even had one of those quarter machines where you throw in a few quarters and out come rolling a little tiny item. I didn't do that since I was just too rushed. By now it was about 4:35. And I saw these MJ condoms- which I pointed out to Soupi, joshing her due to the piece of literature she was reading at Urban- and I saw these wallets and “stinky rat keychains” for all very affordable prices. But they didn't catch my eye.

I asked this also very cute looking sandy-blonde guy at the counter if they carried the pencil sharpeners- and he pointed me to another section of the store. And there...there it was.

There sitting on the shelf plainly in my view was a big white bowl full of pencil sharpeners.

Oh how I rushed back there and scooped them up like they were gold. In front of the bowl, there was a stand that said $1 and I knew then that Marc Jacobs cared...somewhat about the normal consumer.

I looked like a kid who just got a lifetime supply of toblerone and I shifted through each piece as I picked out a fish, an elephant, a purple looking thing (I found it was a raccoon later), a scotty doggy, and an aethetically pleasing cat. My eyes lit up and then I realized that there were supposed to be 6. I counted, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...but I was missing one. I asked a woman who worked there if there were supposed to be six and she said there was supposed to be a giraffe but they might be all out. I did not let this upset me. I told my tolerant, wonderful buddies that I would look through the bowl and if there wasn't one- then there wasn't- I would not pick up sharpeners in handfuls and root through the bottom of the white bowl since I was grateful just to have reached the store. The store past the circle of wandering. And I broke that damn circle. : ) I told Shree and Soupi to get one- I mean it was $1- and Soupi decided to get a pink elephant. Fitting. Seeing how she was reading aloud at Urban how elephants get down. After a few seconds I gave up on the giraffe. That really bothers me now. I'm missing a giraffe. I realize that an orange giraffe would be the perfect color to complement the rest of my sharpeners.

As you see- I also got a lipstick pen- I decided not to get the plastic tortoise-shell colored mirror since it was quite small and $5 since instead I found this beautiful spot right next to it where there were a plethora of MJ Fingerless Striped Knit Gloves- pink and black, blue and black, green and black, white and black. I had to make a really quick decision in a split-second which color I wanted. I was thinking pink would be too stereotypical lady-punk. Blue and black would be hard to match some days and wouldn't go too well with my skin. White and black- though classic, were bordering the line of plain and prison-wear. So I picked the green and black ones. And they were $5. And I was happy and at that moment, Marc Jacobs joined the ranks of Issac Mizrahi- who continuously makes more affordable clothes for normal people at Target.

So another nicely dressed guy rang up my purchase and Soupi's- she squealed about how cute the MJ bag was. But then...the adventure got another twist. The cash register did not work.

Just figures! I said, somewhat nervously laughing as Shree sprayed on MJ perfume and said it smelled very nice. Then she said it was somewhere around 4:42 and then after a few minutes the sandy-blonde guy from before opened up something or other and we got our stuff and walked out happily. We passed the place where they were filming something again and I noticed the store was the Bond No.9 Fragrances store- wish we went in but didn't have time. I figured that the ladies in front of the camera were spokespeople.

I said to Shree, "See? Wasn't that great? While Jess and Mike are probably in air-conditioned stores, we had a fun adventure running around everywhere and sweating a lot! It's so much more memorable!" To which she shook her head and admitted that it was fun. And then we ran all the way back along the residential streets laughing and being joyful and all that crap- with Shree not lagging behind as much this time and I was amazed how we somehow remembered where we were going and then Soupi ran into a few more big dogs- counting one extremely large husky with gray eyes and she shrieked.

Finally, after more running and even when we got near and it was safe to walk- I kept speed-walking since you know- I didn't want to run the risk of getting my loyal comrades in trouble.

At 4:55- we got to the meeting spot. There were so many people sitting on the steps and a bunch of shirtless guys- some doing headstands and stuff. Turns out we needn't have rushed so much since there were still a few groups that didn't get back. I told the principal to hold my bag of stuff so Soupi and I could go back across the street and take a picture of the bubble-blower. I had thought to myself- it's the Senior Trip- Be bold, my dear. Except I didn't call myself "my dear."

And so we went across, and I bought a wooden bangle he had for $5 which made me feel better about asking him for a photo. I said, "If I buy this bracelet, will you let me take a picture of you?" And he said, "Why not?" and so I took the shot.

I didn't have the best set-up because the best set-up was the one on the bus where I could plainly see the bubbles against the pavement and had a good view of everything, but I took the picture. I still mourn for the lost photo opportunity I had when I was on that coach bus- but at least I finally got a shot. I had to spend a two hours retouching some of it so the man doesn't blend in with the background and the bubbles are somewhat visible.

Then he told me something about Whole Foods and the back and how they have his picture with him blowing bubbles. I didn't understand all that he said. And so I told Soupi what he did say and we went inside Whole Foods which I had never been inside before and it was very very nice with all this Kashi cereal nicely displayed in the lobby and I asked this guy who was stacking some power bars on a shelf or something about the guy blowing bubbles and he said that they had shirts made a while ago with that guy on the back of the shirts. I also saw a girl with a black P.e.t.a. bag inside Whole Foods.

I wish that was all. Since this is turning out to be a really long post.

But it's not. So here is an Intermission where you can stop and go drink something or other.


Okay now, so after all of us got back we walked down to Dojo's. I saw that a number of guys in our class bought aviator sunglasses.

Our dinner table was Jess, Shree, Soupi, and I- and then our teacher and the principal sat down- and I joked and said, "You know- you sat at the vegetarian table." The food was good. I had this ATC- Avocado, Tomato, Cheese pita item and it was really really yum. I took some photos on the table of the restaurant and Jess.

And we went to their bathroom- Soupi and I. They had dandelion yellow walls in the corridor so I took a picture of her since she looks really good in this sort of yellow- although the yellow was a little darker than normal. At one point she joshed and said, "What's the matter with you?" And this tough hispanic looking heavyset guy who was walking away was like, "What's the matter with me?" and thought she was talking to him. And then this tall guy with these sort of rasta-braids was trying to get by and I said sorry since I was taking the picture and "She looks so good against yellow!" And then I think he laughed and said something about opium and "You gotta get it where you can get it." Or something like that. The opium part was probably just my imagination.

Oh- I forget to say- that I tap people on the shoulder sometimes and Soupi had actually gotten a shot so she had a ice pack on her shoulder and unfortunately for her- I kept forgetting about her shot and tapping her there making her go, "ouch" continuously. Anyway all the food was good except Soupi was looking very pitiful trying to sip this really hot and "very oily" soup all the while trying to keep her ice pack on her arm. She also had random coughing fits. I took this photo, under the explanation that in case she got food poisoning we would have proof. See that broccoli?

Oh that devilish broccoli with one droopy leafy stalk!

Then we ordered two plates of green tea tiramisu and normal tiramisu which was actually more than my ATC and it tasted very nice as well.

As we were finishing up- Ashley and some other people were already outside and she was dancing and pointing to me and wagging the finger sort of like a whacked out ho or something which made me crack up and be embarrassed at the same time. I'm not sure if I was embarrassed for her or for myself. I told her so too when I went outside. She said she was dancing to the song, Gloria -not my favorite song.

I took this picture of her and Lauren outside Dojo's- see, this is a style blog. Look at Ashley's street sensibility. Normally she dresses very Hollister. Eh...I'm...not too big a fan of Hollister. She got the sunglasses from some street vendor, and see the dog bowl she got from Old Navy?

Contrary to what the picture might show you- Ashley’s the crazy one. Below is a tamer picture.

Now- Blue Man Group. When we finally got inside- it was very tiny- the Astor Place Theatre. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be. The show? It was okay. A few guys from our class were obnoxiously laughing at the most un-funny places which I didn't find funny so that made me not find it funny even more. I mean it's cute. But it's not my type of comedy. However- the music was great. The music was amazing. The show made me "ooh" and "ahh" at some points- but I didn't really find it funny. But then I'm a pretty tough critic maybe. I also didn't like Million Dollar Baby and Finding Neverland (which didn't transport me to a magical land) both of which I had thought I would like.

Afterwards the drummer and the zither guy- I believe that's what it's called- were sitting on the steps outside (the blue men didn't come out) and we all talked to them for a bit and I got a picture with them. The drummer was wearing black laceless converse- typical rocker style. I read the playbill and I think his name is Matt Hankle and he said he was brought up near our where our school is located coincidentally. See the wooden bracelet in the picture? That’s the one I bought from the bubble guy. I had already taken off the shirt I got at Westwood since it was too hot in the afternoon. Jeans: Chip & Pepper: $15 (It fits perfectly almost and I love their braided belt detail- I got them from Loehmann’s), Top: Free People (Cali- Macy’s): $17, Jacket $20: Urban Outfitters from last summer. I also brought my Luella Bartley Cherry Print bag ($10) but you can’t really see it here. It’s such a wonderfully sturdy and useful tote bag- no leather, well-made - if you haven’t gone to Target yet- you should. Here are the jeans on

And so then we left and that was the end of our trip and my great adventure to Marc Jacob's.

Wow... that was long. Really long. Just so you know- my future entries will probably never be as long as this.

Feel free to leave comments. <3



Blogger Henri-V said...

This takes me back to my more innocent days -- to pine after pencil sharpeners ... when does our questing for those little things begin to change? I guess our finances dictate when the pencil sharpeners of our dreams become nice handbags and kitchenware and mortgages [or stay within the realm of school supplies]. :-)

I don't miss high school, however.

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was a really long entry. seems like it was LOADS of fun! lucky you. i'm so jealous. i wanna go to MARCJACOBS. you make it sound like heaven. lol.

:) <3

2:48 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Wow- I commend you guys- I can't believe you actually read the whole thing! It makes me feel really warm and fuzzy inside.

I'll tell you a secret Henri- I doubt I'll miss high school much either. And I think you're absolutely correct about finance dictating what is pined for- finance and rarity- since I had been romantisizing my trip to MJ. Lol

6:57 PM  

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