Saturday, May 20, 2006

California Chucks

Hmm...I was thinking what I should do for my first real post. I thought it should be significant...but then I started getting a headache. So I'm just going to go with the flow and here we go:

You know, there's this funny thing. I'm not a Chuck Taylor girl. Especially when they had those super pointy Chucks. God...those were scary.

But when I went over to Cali a month ago- I saw a lot of Converses. A lot.

And here's the weird part...

They looked good. They looked damn good. Especially these light blue ones I saw...

So that leads me to my new hypothesis- Converses only look good on the West Coast. I say that since on the East Coast, normally if I see Chucks, there's no divine spark, all I see are one endless shoelace row after another, and they look like one is trying too hard to fit into the Converse-Chucks image.

However, I found in California, Converses look laidback and cute. (Maybe it's the Cali sunshine?) It's probably cause the people in Cali dress laidback for the most part too. I think I viewed Chucks in a different light before since over here on the East Coast, when Chucks re-emerged, they were worn primarily by punkster-type people. And at the time- sophomore year I think- they were just too too trendy. Nothing wrong with that, but Chuck had already set up a pre-determined space in my head. So don't chase after me with a pan if you wear Converse and are on the east coast. It's not my fault my brain registered Chucks in a different way. ;_:

I was thinking, if I end up going over to Cali for school, I might even need to get some Converses, but then, I'd still feel funny about Chucks and...I might end up looking like I'm trying too hard...

Anyhow, here's some non-leather shoes and as you see, I included a 30 buck Chuck from Swell. There were also Chucks on but 30 bucks is a lot cheaper than the ones on free people. And just in case you're under the possible assumption that all Chucks are non-leather - it's not true. I saw some metallic leather converses that gave me this empty gnawing feeling... but anyway, if you're on the West Coast- in my eyes, you're a lucky girl (or guy).

Oh, and THOSE are boots -also cream colored- that are just a tad, tad dirty that are on free people that I fell in love with a month ago or so...

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Blogger Henri-V said...

Hee -- I'm wearing those self-same cream Converse with the red, white, and blue striped rubber several times a week here in Cali! My are old and gnarly now, but they still make me smile.

Your blog looks great, BTW. I love your banner heading!

11:29 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Aw thanks. You're lucky- especially now that you're in can rock those cream converse ;)

6:40 AM  

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