Monday, February 26, 2007

Prada's Shift.

Good news! So...Miuccia Prada's fall-winter 2007 show had no fur in it. At all. Purposely. The Australian reported that it only "featured only fake fur, made of mohair fused with wool - unlike last winter's line of fox-fur coats, bags, hats and helmets." She called it, "fake classic," in reference to probably the theme--

It's kind of amazing, considering that fur has been absolutely everywhere-- I mean, at least a "little" trim tends to make an appearance in 99% of the fashion shows. She was quoted as explaining, "I'm sick of fur because it is everywhere...I'm bored with it." Regardless how lavez-faire she sounds, I can't help but feel like it's a bit more than this designer lets on; she didn't exclude fur or not like the look of it-- she chose an alternative; "Prada chose precious Alpaca fleece and high-tech wool fusions to create garments resembling fur, feathers, astrakhan (the pelts of baby goats) and shag-pile carpet."

If one wished to employ common sense, one could say that this move from one of the most powerful high-fashion labels was bound to happen sometime because the truth is-- yeah, there has been just too much fur exposure. Fashion moves on. It's whimsical, sometimes not in a good way, and of course that can always mean that fashion will move back... For now I'm just glad this move has happened, because I's Prada. If a label like Prada stops something that used to be a huge part of its collection, people, especially those in the same industry, are bound to start a gradual shift torward a lot less fur use.

Since I'm talking about this, I might as well say a few words about her collection...which was a mix of different types of textures and colors (lovely and interesting). There were some very (intriguing)..shapeless and plastic-feather streamer-like pieces of clothing--two things I'm not too much a fan of). A lot of the ensembles seem like they would look a million times better if the cardigans, dresses, or coats were fitted-- but of course, that wasn't the purpose, right?

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If I had one word to characterize the would be "slug" (that or "worm" or "icy-moss creature") Not in a mean way- though I hate those colors like that- just the brown-tan shiny patent color looks like slime from a slug-- not to mention the purse and the shiny-sleek-texture of the beanies (especially the brown ones) and the odd odd cone-heel shoes (personally...I would stay away)

And then there was the...innovative? Not for me, but I can just imagine some elderly lady giving a whack to some potential thief trying to steal something.

My favorite looks-- also two accessories I could definitely see myself latching onto: the footless socks-- esp. the two-tone ones and the headband.

So what I'm hearing Prada is saying for the fall is: different textures, shapeless, slime-shine, two-tone socks, cone heels, and fur-free. Sounds good to me.

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Blogger Alison said...

fur free is definitely a good thing, more designers should be making statements like that.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

interesting very interesting...

6:00 PM  

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