Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carnivale de Couture Entries- For the Sake of Style

Quick apologies about the late posting today. Right now I'm at my aunt's in Cali and just got off a tiring journey from east coast to west coast. Plus, I spent two days trying to cram the entire contents of my closet & keepsakes into 2 pieces of luggage. Why the west coast? As some of you might know from previous posts, I'm coming here for college. It still hasn't completely gotten into my head that when my family returns back to NJ in the first days of August- I won't be going with them. When I came out of LAX-- going down to the baggage claim, I could have sworn that I saw Lisa Love [teen vogue west coast editor] walking right in front of me. Or at least a Lisa Love look-a-like who was dressed very nicely and was carrying a very non-descript orange sort of slouch bag. When she took the stairs- I took the escalator to sneak a better look. But still I didn't know what her face looked like completely.

Anyhow, I would like to fancy myself more of a NY city-slicker than a sun-loving Californian but...I'm giving it a chance. I guess I've grown fond of places with smog! [is coughing and hacking]

I've got to say I'm surprised that not that many people replied to the topic! I thought it would resonate- and if not-- to go for the "what's the worst outfit you've ever worn?" alternate question. I will still be accepting posts till Tommorrow [I guess I'm doing this whole wishful-thinking thing] so if you would participate-- please email me at in response to the Carnivale question two posts downward. Especially if you're a regular visitor-- I would love to know what kind of response you guys have.

But I've got to say I'm really grateful for the replies I have recieved in response to:

Have you ever worn or not worn a certain something that was probably not the
smartest thing to do but you did it anyway because of the sake of fashion? Or
being horribly embarassed? You did something fashion-associated that probably
wasn't practical and was punished in some way [suffering consequences by be it
Mother Nature, or something or someone else]. Tell me your story!

The first response I recieved-- Miss Janey's-- was a great tale that I loved wonderfully. It was exactly the type of story I was looking for! The story? Pantyhose + Slippery Shoes = Whole Day in Pain + Embarassing Trip Down the Stairs. I sympathized with you, Miss Janey!

The second came from Tina at Bag Snob reminded me of how women and girls can tend to be caught up in the "must have" trends no matter how ugly or impractical they look on [in her case--the 80's] The pictures of stirr-up pants made me laugh. I thank the heavens every day that I was born in 89. [just kidding]

The final response [yes, the final] came from Maria at The Runway Scoop! Definitely an enjoyable read and unique story. I have come away wiser now knowing that the soles of my feet are not even safe from flats. She too fell on her derriere like Miss Janey while walking down stairs. I have also taken in that when I go to Las Vegas in a week-- to not be blinded by the bright lights and tumble down some stairs.

Thank you all for bravely coming forward with your memorable and embarassing tales. They may just save a reader who will learn from these wise tales of impractical-clothing-for-the-sake-of-style-ness. : )



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Change can be stressful and wrapping your head around it can be the hardest part. It wouldn't surprise me if your family has been gone a few days and part of you is still denying it :o) Good luck out west!
To Love, Honor and Dismay

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