Saturday, July 15, 2006

Late in the Game: Haute Couture (Post #2)

I give you the second installation of the HC coverage. All photos are from

Eymeric Francois- Very alien goth-looking models. It's too early for Halloween.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista- Just reminded me of Balenciaga with the bold hats and the simple poofy structured items. I'd be kind of uncomfortable in a bottom with bony hips though. Thought some of the looks were cute.

Frank Sorbier- My OVERALL impression was: a creepy circus land where kids under 10 might cry their eyes out.

Armani- First otufit- A bit hypnotizing- personally, not too crazy about the pattern- but I liked the cuts and silouhettes. Didn't like the fur obviously, or the icky growths on the head. The look of the last outfit was nice, except for the paging the motherland part.

Givenchy- Lots of brown, gray, earth/clay colors. Kind of scary in the beginning. Nuff said.

Some Better Looks [including the infamous egg]

Some Omfg What Were They Thinking Looks.

Fur definitely...looked better on the animal that it was meant for than the model it wasn't. And imagine if it was on anyone else? It's hideous. You cannot justify those outfits as being worth lives.

Jean Paul Gaultier- For the most part: nice, interesting pieces. [PS. nice/interesting ones are not shown below] Way too much fur though. I mean- trying to get away with fur skirts? Also in this edition- the stars are tacky and the gorilla arms strike again. Oh, and that fox piece is just ow. Ow. That's torture. It looks like the chain goes in the nose and out through the anus. I mean, really! Poor fellow...

On Aura Tout Vu- Too many balls. Too many puns. Won't bother. You are welcome to think of your own.

I'm sure there's more to the ball than meets the eye...

Valentino- Always very elegant and timeless, and much more practical than any of the other collections. The right mix of everything. Even the inclusion of an eggy coat. The light broad stripes across the pantyhouse are terribly confusing though.

And today I bring to you this.

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Peace out. <3

PS. So many good sales lately! Esp. Saks, Lord & Taylor's, and Loehmann's (40% off clearance, 20% off just reduced/new arrivals). I scored some lavender blue cords from Seven for $14. [OK, so it was missing a button- but I sewed on my own so no big]

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