Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Knock-off in a Bubble at Macy's

You ever feel just...blah? Like a sack of potatoes? Cause I feel like a sack of potatoes. In the doldrums. A sack of potatoes in the doldrums.

And I think my whole class failed the Engineering final. Surprise, surprise.

Anyway- no I'm not not mentioning Fur Fashion Week- I just I thought I should square this subject off first:

I went to the Bridgewater mall this weekend. It was then that I realized that shopping alone is very...well...depressing. Like, I hate talking to myself in my head about what looks nice and what doesn't, etc. So you know...if anyone wants to come shopping with me...

First off, Bath and Body Works was having this humongous sale but the lines were so freakishly long that I was like, "There's no way I'm going on that line for 20 minutes to buy some lip gloss." More importantly, they had (maybe still have?) a 50% off sale on Memoirs of a Geisha Fresh beauty products, Nanette Lepore, and Lulu Guinness perfumes. That's a good deal. Also, I went to Delia's, and I finally found the shirt that I was looking for before after I fell in love with it from a month ago. It's by Crafty Couture and I think it's just adorable. It's $20. I didn't get it though...I'm one of those romanticists so I'm still going to wait for a sale. There was a sale at the Menlo mall near me, but they were all gone by then. So that's why I went all the way to the other mall...although I still didn't get the shirt. I know!...I'm impossible. But God...I love this shirt... It's just so...I don't know, it just calls to me.

I also hit up Express...and I was about to get this shirt...but then I saw it was $20. And the fabric is so so shear too- and flimsy. I thought it was $10 on the rack (sales). And then I saw a long tunic type tee that was $10 but I got something else...which I'll tell you later. I love the shape the two tops make together.

I went to Bloomingdale's...and I fell in love with many shoes: Sigerson Morrison Skimmers, Salvatore Ferragamo Kitten-heeled Rain Boots (so cute. so expensive.), Stella McCartney Running Sneakers, Calvin Klein summer-y shoes (he does have some non-leather shoes). And I MUST MENTION before I forget- Nine West. Oh my God. What ever happened to the matronly boring image I had of them? Oh right- it was ditched that day. My goodness, I held like, 3 pairs in my hands and they were all non-leather, and they were so freaking cute! I was squealing inside. So cute. Then I went online, and I couldn't find them. So I must go back there some time and write down the item numbers. Maybe they have a different line for Bloomingdale's? A cuter, more sophisticated line?

I was still walking around feeling sort of empty though and I walked into Lord and Taylor's and saw these 3 unique non-leather Betsey Johnson belts. Betsey Johnson- as I said in my prom post in which I featured one of her umbrellas- is against using fur. I am so glad she makes belts though. After that, I put this outfit on- premier knock-off artist ABS' top- which I really liked, paired with Michael Kors jeans. The jeans didn't quite fit snug though.

Then I bought this- by R.J. Graziano

Before you start with me, I have to say that it was $11.50 (50% off and then the super nice lady cashier scanned me her coupon which gave me an extra 15% off), and no it's not totally on the Plastic Chain Trend Train that died. It's flatter, with a more interesting shape and chunkier and I just like how it rests on my neck. And then...then I went to Macy's. And they should really try making over their interior since it is just very blech and sack of potatoes-y. The junior's dressing room was ground was actually like a stained basement floor. Really disgusting. I wasn't planning on getting anything...but then I did. Before you start with me for the second time- in my defense, it doesn't hang on me so disgustingly like the Luella Bubble Skirt (I almost died when I put that skirt on. I looked like crap). It's a jersey bubble skirt by Necessary Objects and it ended up being $9.50. They're just so interesting. The Bubble silouhettes. I liked them a while back before they were deemed "in" and before some people automatically kept dissing them "out" just because they were deemed "in." Even the ugly ones- which are just mesmirizing and hypnotic.

So I bought two "trendy" items. (taboo?) But I'm very very satisfied with them.

I need to make a confession now... I hate my calves. (the body part, not the baby cows.) I absolutely abhor them. They're not even like muscular calves either- they're just...big and fat and obnoxious with skirts...I even measured them the other day. I'm really contemplating excercising more now.

Anyway, that's the other reason why I like the skirt. Here is a piece of advice to other people with calves which are not sculpted to your liking: skirts should hit at least above the knee for the most flattering shape. Unfortunately, the shorter the skirt, the leaner your legs will look and the less obnoxious calves like mine will look- unless you like your calves that way. Also, if you're going for longer cropped-type pants (for summer), don't have the him hit at the fattest part of the calves. Hit them at least 2 inches lower. I know from experience.

Before I left, I passed by this certain shoe at Macy's by Marc Fischer on the rack like 3 times, looking over it and Hmm-ing, going, "Hmmmm...where have I seen this shoe before?" It was after the 4th time when I was in the size 9 section (I always look in other sections that my shoe size for some reason) that I finally went, (to myself though, because I was alone) "Ah-ha! I've seen this shoe! It's a Stella McCartney rip-off!"

This might slightly interest Susan from Counterfeit Chic.

Here come the interesting parts. The shoe is pretty much an exact replication of Stella McCartney's. From the appearance, nothing is tweaked. Normally the knock-off-er tweaks a thing or two. Even the color- the one I saw at Macy's- was precisely the same.

Do you know what isn't tweaked though? THE MATERIAL. The Marc Fischer shoe has leather. And as many of you may know- Stella McCartney doesn't design with leather or any animal skins. I mean, I hardly even know what to say. This Marc Fischer has not only taken Stella's design, he's taken her design which was not meant to be made of animal skins at all- and made a leather model of it! And he bothers charging $85. That's just...insane. Even the interior of the shoe (with the scalloped edges) looks like Stella's studded pump shoe. I'll be straightforward...what is wrong with this guy? It just doesn't make sense. It's like (to make it more understandable) someone taking her fall line and making it exactly the same except switching the fabrics for fur, leather, and shearling (which I hate being referred to as "fabrics"- why don't they just say animals or skins? They are, after all).

Oh, it's just insane.

Macy's is having "it's biggest" one day sale- plus 25% off all clearance today.

Nothing comes between me and my Calvins (or my Calvins and I):

Non-leather Calvins on sale- [ranging from $33 to $60]

Macy's Calvin Klein Shoes

Don't worry...there's cuter ones on other sites- or at least at Loehmann's and Bloomingdale's. [I'll eventually make a CK post anyway]

Ten Items I Liked:
Choice Calvin Klein Blazer with Flutter Peplum
BCBG Flared Suiting Pant
Michael Kors Embroidered Tie-Front Tunic
BCBG Ruffled Wrap Shirt
Betsey Johnson Broomstick Charmeuse Skirt
Calvin Klein Voile Skirt
Calvin Klein Soft-Tie Velvet Jacket
French Connection Lightweight Jersey Wrap Dress
A.B.S. Lace Trim Contrast-Tie Dress
Sugar "Macro-Maniac" Flat ($9!)

Pictures of FC Dress, DKNY Jacket, ABS Dress, Kors Tunic, CK Voile Skirt.

The Kors tunic reminds me of Jess' blue top that was in a post a few days ago.

There's also a Petites and Plus Sizes section.

Oh, and jeans are super cheap so browse around. Look at these DKNYs for $6 (and they're not even clearance):

...and this Necessary Objects Ruched Mesh Dress for just $14:

I will leave you with this image of my dream bubble skirt by DVF-

[There's a 10% off everything discount going on at Bluefly]

Feel free to leave comments. [it's getting awfully lonely around here]

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Anonymous kats said...

omg those shoes are so cute! yay cute stuff! haha <_> oo!

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Counterfeit Chic said...

Good eye, Gloria! It looks like the copy follows "the letter but not the spirit" of Stella, as law folks might say.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Thanks Susan! :)

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just thought i would let you know, that Kathleen too was one of my favourites. I saw "Kathleen" advertising for Max Factor make up and searched the internet to find out what else she was doing, it wasnt her. Carmen Kass is actually her, and she is often being mistakened. Hope this helps. Hayley

7:19 AM  

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