Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Prom Part I

Should I talk about ongoing sales or dresses?

Or Maybe I should talk about both...

My school's senior/junior prom is to be this Friday.

Not everything's set into place yet- I've still to make a mani/pedi appointment, threading -so everything's hanging, by a single thread- not to be repetitive. Also- I've got that thick straight black hair that will never have as many facets no matter how one twists and turns- the hairdresser says the hair cannot be totally made into the style I want it to be. Which was a little depressing since I really liked the style. I was looking at an inverse twist + little grecian braids in some parts braided to the back.

To tell the truth- I was never excited about prom. Since I was just never brought up in that "ooh! the prom is the 2nd most memorable night ever!" mode- and even still- my mother is all, "Oh what's the big deal... I've never even gotten my nails done before. It's not like you have a boyfriend so why are you getting all dressed up ...?"

But after getting my dress- which I got sometime in early February- on and off I've been getting little shoots of adrenaline. This was especially the case when we Finally recieved our invitations- the invitations that were my lifeline. After my t-shirt design getting rejected for the only other design that had a pixelated mario on it with pixelated hearts, and having my prom colors of a rich midnight navy and shimmery champagne getting rejected for a red, white, and black emo "My Chemical Romance Album Cover"-ish color theme- I just wasn't in the mood to not get the invitations too- since that's what I was mainly in charge of. I had originally wanted to make from scratch with a willy wonka sort of formal golden ticket. Like the ones that paved the runway at the Dries Van Noten.

Because I thought a ticket-invite would be cooler. But then I came across this little beauty from Checkerboard. (No my name is not Julia- I am not getting engaged)

It was tough. I looked up a bunch of places for the best discounts- and one place had all these great offers- but they had already expired, then someone else went on vacation so we weren't able to place the order, then I went into a panicky frenzy and finally found a wonderful person at at literally- the last minute- who offered a 40% off discount. Which made me very happy.

Let me talk about even better things. The part you're all waiting for- the formal wear. Like my dress. My dress cost about ehhhh 75 dollars. It wasn't on sale- I didn't get it off clearance- I didn't get one of those generic prom dresses with the uniboob cut that flares out to the side. It was at Loehmann's for 90- then I used a promotional coupon, and then I used my birthday coupon. I don't even remember anymore. All I remember is that I was sweating bullets since the cashier was interrogating me about my birthday and telling me I shouldn't even have had a membership card because I wasn't 18. I'll explain- my birthday coupon had already expired a few days earlier. Yes I know. It's horrible what I did for the bargain. But after that I swore I would never do it again since that lady scared me straight.

About the dress...Yes, it is black- but that means the chance of me using it more than once will go up. It has a unique cut. I can show off my legs- somewhat. Not that they're anything to show off. When I first saw the dress on the rack- I was shocked. Because I had previously been in love with a dress almost exactly similar to it on Neiman (I'm still not sure if it's the exact same since the original price tag seems to be different) that WAS on I just looked on the rack and it didn't matter if the halter- and I'm not one for halters- cut me a little if I bent my head too far back. I was in love. Even if anyone hated it. Because that's how true love is. Did I say it was by Nicole Miller?

And the shoes I got were gold satiny with a bow and...they were $10. sh. Unfortunately they weren't as gold as I thought they would be and so don't go with my skin tone very well.

Okay so now that I have hopefully gotten you all hyped up- tommorrow I will try to do a Part II- where I'll show you loads and loads of drool-worthy (but not slutty) dresses. There are still a lot of sales going on- like at Neiman's and Urban's and a bunch of other places- but since Prom is Friday I'm pushing those topics off.

I say I will try because tommorrow is piano since I have a thing to go to on Sunday- lots of practice since I'm behind- and also I'm trying to fix up a makeup-appointment with a smashbox artist since I'm a bit clueless when it comes to that. Oh and there's a Physics test I need to study for.



Anonymous isleyn said...

i like silver more than gold ;X

i hope you have fun! :) oh man i really missed talking to you about .. stuff, in general. mainly, fashion, though. cause that's what you're good at ;D

OKAY. it's 1:07 AM and i'm still doing my history hwk. LOL. bye :3

10:11 PM  

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