Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Mission

The Mission

This blog was created because there was this girl wanted to fuse together three things she spent a lot of time on and was passionate about: animal welfare, fashion, and combination of the two in a healthy lifestyle.

After much debating and slacking and schoolwork and applying to colleges and much mulling she created <3 Life <3 Style.

<3 Life <3 Style is a guide for those stylish people who abstain from animal products like fur and leather and lead a cruelty-free lifestyle. I look up and down and left and right for those bargain-chic shoppers and try to make it easier to find fashion which complements that way of living so that they, and you, don't have to spend your time doing such. And the truth is...shhh...I spend my spare time doing this anyway so why not share my finds with others? I see no reason not to!

Sharing is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teacher used to say.

But wait! This blog is not specifically directed to the vegans and vegetarians-- not just a for vegan fashion blog It is also a place like any other fashion blog- having anything and everything to do with style. And did I mention a plethora of frugal-chic finds? I am a major bargain sniffer. And yes, that's the only thing I sniff. Oh, and almond extract, and strawberry scented stickers. This blog is also an attempt to educate or at least expose people to the animal skin industry and do away with unintentioned ignorance. Yes. I suppose I do have an ulterior motive. Trying to promote conciousness.

For me, life and style goes hand in hand. I wouldn't trade my life to be abused for the sake of being made into a purse, nor would I want any other living creature that breathes and can feel pain- whether it be snake, mink, or ostrich - to undergo such treatment. Ostriches have long legs! And they're cute! And have bulbous eyes.

Through the past months, I have learned fashion is achievable without supporting the inhumane torture of animals. And that is a fact. Fashion can be affordable, aesthetically gorgeous, comfortable, and have scientifically advanced alternatives to painfully derived clothing. Yes, science is good!

I invite you, as the reader, to be break the aforementioned paradigms and ask yourself that core question, "What is style?" Because style isn't pain. If anything it's love. And on that note,

I would like to welcome you into my world.



Anonymous Almost Girl said...

I appreciate your mission! My aunt runs a PETA approved pet store on Long Island called Countrie Critters so animal friendly fashion has always been in my fashion family!

You should realy check out other lifestyle blogger Jill of Fiftyrx3.

I would love to have you on Coutorture!

Drop me an email!

7:56 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Hey Julie! I had no idea at all you even posted here. I'm still getting used to all this stuff so I had no idea I had a bunch of comments sitting in my blogger account that I actually had to approve before it would show up- I thought nobody liked my blog! So you actually found me before I accidentally emailed you about Carnival.

I think it's so awesome that your aunt runs a PETA store- I know PETA people are called extremists sometimes but that doesn't speak for all of us. :p

Thanks for the comment :)

7:01 PM  

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