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The Therapy of Short Hair: Short Bob- No Prob.

With Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, and Eva Longoria having had gotten the bob cut, and girls of "Young Hollywood" sporting such a cut, I know there's a few people out there who have cut, are considering, or will be cutting their hair in the warm summer months to come- in the style of a short bob.

A few weeks ago I got a bob-like cut myself-- though definitely not because of the "new" "Hollywood hairtrend." It had been something I had been thinking of for a long time- trying to get the right hairdresser to perfect the cut exactly the way I pictured it- this attempt was deemed unsuccessful a month into school when I decided to cut off all my long illustrious black hair (joke, it's a joke), and then I decided to go for it again recently- vowing not to completely trust the hairdresser and to guide her to what I wanted specifically (which didn't work out the first time). This was kind of important since it was a cut I kind of just came up with and I didn't see it anywhere on people or in magazines- which is a bit strange since it's just a well...slight (in my eyes) variation on a bob and angled cut.

I don't know why, but I seem to always prefer extremes- short or long. Besides, short hair will be medium anyway when it grows out, of course. ; )

Now, I have to say something...I actually think women look better with long hair over short hair. Just in general. It's just my personal opinion overall. As long as it's styled correctly. But I love having short hair. There is this certain thing about cutting your hair short (meaning it doesn't touch your shoulders) that makes one feel very refreshed and wonderful and oh- the recognition that you don't have to use nearly as much shampoo as you used to.

Three years ago I was in Taiwan and I decided (well my grandmother kept pressuring me) to cut my hair off at the place next door. I was always under the misconception that to have very very short even-bob-like hair was a bit boyish. But I found that not only did I really enjoy the feeling and "experience" of a short haircut, I loved how it did look a little boyish- especially when I put on my wifebeater/tank, it made me feel tough, as silly as that sounds. Strong almost, fierce- powerful, even- to be able to pull it off. I don't mean to be corny but it was a feeling I hadn't ever experienced before. But it wasn't as tomboyish as it was cute. And it made me feel kind of...mysterious? Taiwan that summer was all about girly girls on TV with long, flowy, wavy-curly hair. And they all looked the same. Anyway, my cut made me feel like I don't know...Jennifer Garner on Alias or some covert agent- however laughable that may seem. ;)

I went for this particular drastic angled-bob cut look because I wanted to have that same shortness in the back- especially with the onslaught of summer- but maintain my at-the-time-current, decently long hair in the front as to keep that feminine look.

I tried- though I didn't do a very good job at it- to white out my face so the shape of the cut can be seen better.

So here's the thing- if you want to get a bob- any type of bob- there are certain clothes that one should definitely go for. This is because I feel that a good haircut is almost like a trademark- just like a signature jewelry piece that one wears often, is. And a hairstyle can change the way your whole outfit looks. It's like a piece of clothing that you wear all the time- to which you need to find complementary shapes, looks, etc.

[keep in mind these are all just ideas-- the items with a * contain silk or hair of other animals]

Clicking on the pictures leads to the sites they came from.

1. Tanks
--Racerbacks and Wifebeaters and Printed Tanks especially.

In order: Vince Racerback Tank, C & C Printed Tank, and Scarlett Hearts RBK Racerback Tank


2. "Bubble" balloon-hemmed tops (especially sleeveless)
-- which flow away from the body but fold under so that there's more volume on the bottom. [btw- mostly all of these are on sale on their respective sites]




3. Cropped Jackets [but not severely]
--same reason as above-- so that it flows away from the body.

4. Wide Collars
--Portrait-like collars. Wideset. Your neck appears more slender and it frames your face and cut.


5. Certain small, special, feminine details.
--aka lace, eyelet, piping etc.



6. Bright Vibrant Bold Colors
--Like the tone of these Reds!


It's even better when there are items that incorporate multiples on the list, including the following- like this Norma Kamali racerback-bubble-hemmed-tank-dress (whew):



[ (it's a racerback as well!)]

My Abaete flats (from the last entry- read it! There's a 20% coupon) which I bought today ;) for $16.

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Anonymous Cristina said...

I am of the opposite mind - that most women look infinitely better with short(er) hair. :) And there's no better hair style than a sharply cut bob. My mother has rocked a Louise Brooks bob for ages and I've never in my life seen anyone receive so many compliments on a haircut. Literally, every time we go out she's gets at least three comments on her hair. She went pixie for a while but went back to the bob. It's definitely her signature. While I keep mine short (it's the longest I've ever had it right now and it's still above my shoulders) it's never the same for long, as I change it up, if only slightly, each time I get a trim.

Wow, I really wrote a book there. My point - I'm totally pro-short hair. :)

2:04 PM  

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