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The Last Word...or rather, the Last Pictures

I don't know why some of the ShopStyle outfit "widgets" aren't working (too much bandwidth I guess?) but if any of them don't work for you, you can click the "see more" link at the bottom of each box to see the outfit on the actual site or you can try opening up this same page in a new browser.

Here's my last word on the series, "Fashion Photography at Your Local Library".

So, I'm kind of addicted to now, a site I mentioned in one of my previous posts. I had put together these outfits, inspired by some of my favorite vintage photographs I picked out. I think there's a lot to take away from these old photographs.

Plus, you know, in case you want to wear something like these outfits yourself. ;)

For most of the items in the outfits, I especially picked non-leather, non-suede alternatives. There's just two items (LV flats & a bag) with leather that I had to work around (besides, remember it's the idea that counts in these outfits).

Gladiator Woman [Louise Dahl-Wolfe]

Braided details, high waisted full skirts, and a selection of cruelty-free gladiator shoes (ironic?) completes this strong look.

Contemporary Louise Dahl-Wolfe

I tried to make it a more contemporary look, which wasn't hard since it already looks like an ad in a department store. I could imagine Scarlett Johansson as the model so I paired it with some Louis Vuitton flats (of course, these do contain leather-- it's the idea that counts) seeing as she's the LV campaign girl.

Hirsch 1939 [The Art of Vogue]

This was the best look-a-like bag I could find (however, in real life it does contain leather) to the one in the picture so I worked the colors around that instead. Blue and yellow are just as bold primary colors as red, anyway. Although red would've been nice...

And then found a red striped bag so I thought I'd redo the look I did before and give it another go :)

The Velvet Shoe [Denney, 1950- Unseen Vogue]

The photo revolves mostly around the shoe, of course...but alas no pink velvet shoe to be found so I went with the next best option. This girl's studded with big jewelry so I picked a bunch of lookalikes out-- in case you want to recreate the look but want to opt for more affordable options.

Any of those dresses seem to work. Vivienne Tam's has a black net detail near the neckline like the net headwrap in the picture. Personally I would go for the softer pinks. Either way, there's the net details in the Pout cosmetics ;)

This photo evokes more of a bedroom boudoir so that's why I included the lingerie if that's what is.

Clutches are optional, but any of those can be paired with the total outfit you end up mixing and matching.

Remember to click the arrow to see more of the items.

Leaping in the Rain [Woman in the Mirror, Avedon 1957]

I couldn't find that dark brown colored, open collared coat on ShopStyle (limited retailers)-- next best option was this white trapeze coat, and then these open, assymetrical collared trenchs.

Couldn't really find a pillbox hat either (never understood how those stayed on one's head) but found the next best shaped hats. Paired with some dark closed toe pumps for leaping across the street, and a sleek umbrella- and you're 1957, Paris.

Old yet Fresh [Louise Dahl-Wolfe]

Jacquard, brocade, tapestry, call it whatever you want, this old fashion photograph does it justice.

The model has on blue and gold jewelry, and a pale yellow sheath dress underneath. The overall idea of this outfit is nice too-- can work well with white.

Then you've got the shiny, pale printed coat. A more modern way to go can be a long metallic one.

Paired with some red lip, and you can carry out a subtle jacquard on jacquard.

[remember to click the arrow to see the rest of the items.]

Graphic Flower [Louise Dahl-Wolfe]

Like I said before, I love love LOVE this look. The graphic black and white dot print really pops when paired with bright, colorful flowery accessories.

And I better return those library books. I actually had a nightmare the other day that they were so far past due and I owed like hundreds of dollars.

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Blogger dianabobar said...

OMG you must know those products by heart:)

5:44 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Yea, I know. It's incredibly sad, Lol.

now I have a need for braided details, high-waisted full skirts, striped tops with dolman sleeves, a velvet shoe, anything in a light mauve-blush, and a printed shift-dress with bright colored accessories.

urgh! I'll never be satisfied.

7:10 PM  

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