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[Trashy] Young Hollywood & why celebrity worshipping based on their styles can be bad for you

These celebrities are crazy.

I just saw a photo of Paris Hilton crying as she was being escorted to court and all I have to say is, celebrities are crazy. Obviously, right?

(photo: INF, via

She had been in house custody after a 5 day stint in jail or whatever, instead of her 45 day sentence. House custody= eating bonbons, taking naps, receiving visits from friends= not really a punishment. I mean, it's hot outside. Normally I stay indoors the whole day anyway. And she was transferred because of a medical condition. Yes, a medical condition whose condition magically changes when her settings switch from behind bars to a house setting.

I mean. listen to this excerpt from

She was taken from court screaming and crying after Judge Michael T. Sauer
ordered her to return to jail to serve the remainder of her entire 45-day
sentence on Friday.

"It's not right!" Hilton, 26, shouted as deputies approached her in the courtroom. She also called out to her mother in the audience: "Mom!" Kathy Hilton, accompanied by Paris's father Rick, answered: "Honey!"
It's like a scene from a bad movie, right?

Okay. So I wouldn't be too happy either if I just got out of jail (theoretically speaking) and then I was told to don my prison garb and get back in (theoretically speaking). But oh my god. Do that damn time. Stop blubbering about it and trying to get out of it. Where's the justice? And when she was pleading to the Governor? Seriously. The public, and her celebrity peers, have already spoken; No working around the system, Stay in jail, No special treatment. SO just suck it up. (that comment during the MTV music awards Was Harsh though)

I know this is supposed to be a blog about style. So here's what I have to say on the celebrities front: There's all this celebrity worship and look, she wore this and whoa, she wore that. I always keep in mind that normally the wows are due to a stylist's hand. In that case, you should bow to the stylist and not the celebrity. Only a few celebrities actually have a good head on their shoulders concerning taste, that seems to be unique (Keira Knightley) and all their own (Lily Allen) even if sometimes it's kind of weird. When you catch stars not wearing their own outfit sprinkled with the magic touch of their stylist, that's when you get the big boo-boo and the "OMG she wore that?" (cough *Jessica Simpson*) that happens when females pour over the tabloids. I keep that in mind. Girls photographed for street fashion sections are the only ones I bother to look at.

And for the celebrities that have an "acclaimed" style they put together all by themselves...I, personally, honestly don't see what's the big deal about them. Girls like Sienna Miller, Posh, and Kate Moss. Well, I just don't get it. I never will. Yes that's right, I don't get Kate Moss. And when people try to mimic them...well it's one thing to be inspired and appreciate something in an outfit and incorporate it into one's own style but another to try to copy them straight. Anyway, that's the end of that.

On the same line but another note, most of the party-rep girls seem to have drug, alcohol, or severe body-image problems. Of course, I'm only thinking of the infamous nicole richie (who is supposedly pregnant) and lindsay lohan (who is a bag of bones along with the former). Hey, I know my fair share of skinny healthy girls. But those two girls are so...ew. I can't even describe it. Their skin like, hugs their bones. It's kind of gross. They look bony and deprived. Kind of deformed. Like bobble-heads attached to matchsticks. How can a sane person let herself go to that level? I seriously don't envy them. I might envy the money they get to blow on clothes but definitely not the rack they're putting it on. It makes one shudder.

Liking stars for their style, and liking stars, should be kept in two different sides of the brain.

And whether they like it or not, there's little girls looking up to them/watching them. Yes, there ARE photos of you when you're taking puffs and you look emaciated like you have a cruel owner who doesn't feed you or like you're one of those ill-treated animals crammed in cages about to be skinned. Which is so messed up. People have a responsibility to their bodies. agggg.

Which is why my brain totally spaced when I first heard that Lindsay Lohan was the new face of Jill Stuart. Because, well, no! That isn't supposed to happen! I love Jill Stuart! I don't love Lindsay Lohan! I more than don't love Lindsay Lohan! She doesn't even seem like a Jill Stuart girl. Maybe a Rock & Republic girl, but even that's pushing it.

I'm not emotionally devastated or anything (although this is a definite nick in my love for Jill Stuart) but seriously...Lindsay Lohan? Ever since then, anything that reminds me of Jill Stuart makes me think of Lindsay Lohan. which is wrong. Why Lindsay? Stuart says, "She is sexy and smart, exactly what the Jill Stuart woman embodies." ...what?

Jill Stuart is a line targeted toward girls. I don't know if sex appeal really works with girls. That's a sketchy area. And that second shot has NOTHING to do with Jill Stuart. Unless her insane smart-ness is somehow radiating off the screen and the vapors are branded "JILL STUART".

Okay. I apologize (I still love you Jill).

That fulfills my snarky post quota of the year. Since this is more of an opinion piece than anything, feel free to write any of your own musings.

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Blogger Jayson said...

I think Paris is a bit of an princess due to her upbringing and deserves what she got. If it was anyone else, they would be serving the same amount of time..or maybe more.

I questioned her sudden 'mental illness' too. But maybe it is real... Because she has had such a princess and pampered upbringing, when reality breaking the law she can't handle it. In the past she may have been 'above the law' but it seems her turn has come...either that or she simply got the wrong judge!!

I wish she screamed 'But I'm a princess!' instead! I bet she thought it!!

6:29 AM  
Blogger dianabobar said...

You are sooooo right!
I love Jill but not Lindsay. And is will stay this way!

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you fashion-bloggers are all madly aswesome! some mad ravers are always on about their sad lives, thankyou, thankyou!

11:22 AM  
Blogger Gloria said...

noo problem, thanks for visiting!

I normally don't like to waste my time talking about celebrities, but in that case, I just got hot-headed. ;)

12:20 PM  

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