Friday, July 13, 2007

The Occasional Over-Analysis of Fashion

So right now, it is very near to midnight Eastern time on a Friday, as I'm writing this up. I've been feeling pretty mellow and dragging around a rather unfluctuating, uninspired mood-- especially when it comes to style (and self-doubt about any potential talent, or future, in the fashion industry). Which, I guess, is strange considering I just got off of some great posts inspired by lots of amazing, iconic photographers. And by "just", I mean erm...Monday. But I still feel really guilty and lazy! Since I shot off those vintage photography posts right after another. So that's why I'm up on a Friday night typing.

Chalk it up to a rather strange correspondance with the editor of Teen Vogue (yes, she read my complaints) that gave some closure yet left me feeling quite unsatisfied, a familiar feeling of depressing doom as people in the "in" and on the runway and tracking fall trends say once more, "FUR IS IN AGAIN!!!", and loss of self as I was clicking around the web trying to find inspiration from a whole lot of fashion sites.

Regarding the Teen Vogue ordeal- without getting too specific- I'm glad I said what I did, no matter how fiery I was about it. I figured that if I wouldn't be responded to as an inquiring, potential employee, I might as well be heard as an increasingly displeased customer. I mean, I sent a number of emails to different emails within Teen Vogue and NO responses. But honestly, what else am I supposed to think besides that their interns are only accepted based on their connections? I ONLY received an email when I wrote as a "displeased customer".

Seeing as she actually got her hands on what I sent through to V-mail (Teen Vogue's email address), so it wasn't the best move...although I still stand by my opinions, but what happens, happens. The correspondence wasn't horrible, she said she'd take the points I made into consideration *crosses fingers* and that this was an impressive blog etc., but let's just say after those emails, I probably won't be showing my face around Teen Vogue for the next century (good? or bad?). BUT I wouldn't have been ranting about the magazine if I didn't care about how down it was going and hoped it could still be the great magazine it started off as (hello? look at all those teen mags that have folded).

Regarding the "FUR IS IN AGAIN!!!"s, which I tried to disbelieve (hadn't really looked at much of Fall 2007 runway) but then came an obvious, smart-alecky quip from in their New York Runway Trends Fall 2007 section: "Haute off the runway, we've rounded up New York Fashion Week's most sizzling trends (hint: purple reigned, pencil shapes ruled, and PETA isn't going to be too pleased)."

Well, it's right in front of me now. I guess it should've been expected- right when Miuccia Prada says fur is going, going, gone, everyone decides to up on the fur even more than normal (*confused look*). Serious offenders highlighted on include Badgley Mischka, J. Mendel, Carolina Herrera, Proenza Schouler, Peter Som (WHYYYY?!), Tuleh, Mr. Oscar, Mr. Max Azria, and Michael Kors. A perfect segway- PETA is actually holding a campaign right now urging Kors to drop ALL fur- he plans to drop raccoon dog fur from clothing lines but that just means they'll find some other animal to skin.

(411: Recently, raccoon dog fur was this big thing since it was kind of illegal since the raccoon dog is grouped in the same category of dogs like our Fidos, Spikes, and Mrs. Snookums. HSUS ran all these tests and exposed a lot of designers who were using it). To send off an automated email or learn more, go to:

What Really Happens to Raccoon Dogs & Other Furry Animals

Also, what I think is a serious question for me, popped up. SHOULD I draw inspiration and trends from those fur-loving designers, given my extreme distaste for the increasingly inhumane and unnatural fur industry? Should I like them for their overall ideas and take something away from their collections? Or should I abstain from what they touch? Or should I just observe from a distance? I think those are pretty weighted questions, considering my beliefs and considering potential conflicts-of-interests (I forget exactly how I dealt in the past).

Regarding loss of self in these inumerable collections, I found a semi-solution: I know what I'm looking for in the fall (which I will share in an upcoming post) and I need to focus on that, since I know what I like, instead of trying to possibly cover everything everyone else is liking which will snub out my brain (I mean, there's like a hundred-some fall runway designer collections). Besides, most of these designers don't really have a common thread in trend for the fall- well, they are their own persons- and if there is one, I know the choice phrases will just pop up everywhere one day and I don't need to go digging around for them.

I know, I know! How can I make fashion so complicated?

But it's okay, I think I've gotten it straighted out now. I always bounce back. Albeit all the confusion. Especially after running around and exercising with happy endorphins whilst watching the season premiere of Monk (was so glad they got Sarah Silverman on the show!) AND the season premiere of A Model Life hosted by Petra Nemcova. There'll be a mini review attached to my next post early next week (it's not bad...)

Anyhow, it's already ONE here, and I better go and take advantage of this clarity before I overanalyze some more (typical Gloria). Sweet dreams <3

Also, if you have a moment, please visit I just added her site to my blogroll and it was really exciting when I found out about Cindy's site (for obvious reasons). My only complaint is that I wish I knew about it sooner!


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i just deleted my comment by mistake... i'm glad your raising this issue. i'm so dissapointed that fur is "in" right now.

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