Monday, July 30, 2007

The Fruit of Spade's & Model Confessions

I've spent all morning & afternoon getting around to finishing up the last Harry Potter book, and I have to say, I'm still a bit confounded...but I thought I'd put up a quick post.

So I managed to drop into Princeton's Kate Spade shop for the sale and I bought these two items...they had a cute white dress/smock for $45 when you applied the coupon (that I mentioned in my previous post) but I had to refrain... I hope some of you took advantage of the sale as well (online or off) :)

Total: Kate Spade Cotton Scarf* + 2007 Calendar = $31

*fitting in with my previous under-the-sea obsession. oh and there's a lot of cute pink starfish print J. Crew items on sale right now I saw in-store the other day!

Anyhow, to the main attraction...a brief post on:

Last Friday's A Model Life (w/ Petra Nemacova): Model Compassion

To tell the truth...I was bracing myself for the worst in the newest episode. Because it seemed to get more and more boring, regardless of what I wished. But it actually wasn't as tepid I thought it might be. I mean, yeah, like I said, I wouldn't mind a bit of interaction between the models to see more of their personality and how they get along... but anyway, the newest airing, "Model Compassion" was actually pretty good. There isn't a site online (not even the official site) that gives you a recap of the episodes. But from what I remember on Saturday, Petra and a very young-looking model (15 maybe?) instructed the girls on their walks and gave them "challenges" with walking-- like wearing wooden heels and dresses with trains, etc.

Meanwhile, Lucia was struggling with her weight because, although she was one of the few called back about the jeans casting, she couldn't fit into a single pair because of her hips/butt. So now she has a fitness instructor and says she doesn't mind toning up a bit the healthy way. I adore Lucia, so that was great! Then all the girls went for a casting for a spread in Hamptons magazine...anyone (or anyone's mom) subscribe to that? It must've been for a spring 2007 edition, but I don't know if it ever made its way into their magazine... because it would've been a minor spoiler for the series, it would be cool if it did though-- the three models that were picked did a great job in the spread! Amazing images... oh, and can I mention that both Valeria and Lucia got the job? With the third girl being Beatrice (it came down to Beatrice or Angelika).

Speaking of Angelika, anyone waiting for drama to arise because of the bitchy 'tude she sported in the series premiere, should probably stop waiting. She seemed oddly tolerable, and respectful even, in the latest episode. At one point she said they were all kinda like a family. But she definitely is a darkly strange girl. It was a bit awkward when-- the day the 3 who got the job left for the Hamptons-- Angelika started talking about how hard it is to get close to others and about her dysfunctional family with Abigail (the UK'er) and the normally chipper Abigail just looked awkward and uncomfortable.

Also, about Beatrice... Asha commented on the original "A Model Life" post regarding actually living near her in April in South Beach and that Beatrice is possibly working for Irene Marie from MTV's 8th & Ocean (I don't know of that show, shh) and she also said that she seemed pretty polite so maybe she is just lost in translation. But if she's working for another agency...I've got to speculate she didn't win.

Anyhow, the reason I might've liked this episode might be because everything seemed to suit my preferences. ;) Valeria and Lucia got the job and they met Jill Stuart (who just happens to be one of my fav designers regardless of the LL ads, which are now actually being quite obnoxious on the website...making it harder to ignore) whose clothing they were going to be sporting for the shoot...oh yes, it was quite entertaining. As was the gorgeous shoot! Those dresses...very very nice...

The next episode sounds pretty dramatic-- I mean, for A Model Life-- "The young models meet with swimwear designer Ashley Paige and get a harsh lesson in dealing with a critical client. After the group is late for a photo shoot a bad attitude could send one girl packing." (TV Guide)

However, before I read the bit about "a bad attitude could send one girl packing", the preview made it seem like Abigail broke down during the swimsuit shoot with Sports Illustrated because she was self-conscious about her body, so I thought she might be asked to leave. However, if we're talking about attitudes, it might as well be Angelika or Michelle.

I wonder, I wonder...


Blogger lluviaschick said...

hi! thx for all the compliments

why paris? well, you were not the inly one asking... i´ll give more details on the blog but i´m moving thre cause I´m doing a intership in fashion as well as í continue my studies in business management...

love that you hate denim jackets too, i have also found one that i love and that i finally get and if denimjackets are coming back probably i´ll use that but never buy a new one... mine it´s from purificación garcia (a spanish designer) and it doesnt look like a normal denim jacket

you have to see the plastic parka and you will love it, i´ll post a poc if i can take one

2:25 AM  
Blogger coco said...

i love that scarf its really really pretty
i can imagine it goes with so much stuff

1:36 AM  
Blogger Mash said...

this tv show looks great , unfortunately it doesn't exist in france :(

11:52 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm a loser! I've never actually read a harry potter book but I'm thinking of starting from the biginning. I haven't seen a model life yet cause they don't play it here in australia but hopefully I will get to download it soon!

11:02 PM  
Blogger CHIC NOIR said...

Thanks for visting my blog. I must check out this show. I love any and everything about models. What channel does it air on?

5:11 AM  
Blogger Gloria said...

TLC :) I think at 9 or 10 pm

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am loving this show, this weeks was great, keep posting about it!

7:47 AM  
Blogger a. said...

ooo i hope michelle leaves...
i tivo'd it friday & am just about to sit down & watch the new episode.
great wrap up, my deer
luica is one my my favs too ;]

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love valeria's hair but i cant find any pictures.Does anyone know where to look?

12:51 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

hmm...well you could try's "A Model Life" photo gallery. However, it's a pretty sad collection. The only shots of Valeria are ones of her hair pulled back.

There doesn't seem to be much publicity or press surrounding the contestants-- therefore less available pictures. Your best bet would probably be to wait for one of the episodes to come on and take a photo with a camera. that's my best advice!

1:51 PM  

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