Saturday, March 24, 2007

Not Gone

I am not dead. I have a major chemistry test. I have so many things to update on though and not enough time!

check back on...Thursday? :)

For the time being I found some great deals you might want to jump on...

All dresses from (love the heart print dress!)

Betsey Johnson Heart Print Dress $140 [only medium]
Plenty Velvet Minidress $99 [only size 2]
Jill Stuart "Francine" dress $99 [only left in size 6-- however this dress would tend to suit bustier women anyway]

Edressme normally has a lot of good deals in the sale area-- but they're gone quickly! There was the cutest metallic jacquard Anna Sui dress I saw a week ago but it's already gone now. Plus, I'm sure if you just google-- you can probably find a coupon code somewhere.

Also...the spring Abaete for Payless line is out. Keep in mind...Abaete is quite quite expensive outside of Payless and an amazing line in itself. Her dresses on edressme are in the $300s. Her Payless shoes are quite tasteful and comfortable actually with of course- no animal skins. These shoes also show up in her actual runway collection. And online-- her past collections have run out very quickly (especially the handbags).

Regarding the actual shoes-- it seems to be all about black & white and cutouts (I've been into cutouts and laser-cut details as of recently as well).

Here is a really really great deal that I'm going to take advantage of myself... this coupon also applies online (you type in the code 20709 they mention at the bottom during checkout) and it expires on the 31st (March). It's 20% off all regular items (which I'm pretty sure includes Abate) and Payless automatically has free shipping. Meaning that the Ana Maria Flat goes from $20 to $16. It can't get better than that.

Also, in approximately 3 days and 7 hours, Canada's annual seal hunt will begin once again. It's the largest slaughter of marine mammals on Earth and more than a million seals- including baby seals- have been killed because of the demand for their fur during the last few years. Not to mention, there are repercussions on the ecosystem. It just seems so be bludgeoned with picks for skin. I wish I had more time to rant.

You can do your small part to help by just taking a minute to sign these three things- a pledge, a petition, and a letter to Minister Emerson:

To the Canadian Minister of International Trade:

Staying up late enough as it is. Peace and <3

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