Thursday, February 08, 2007

<3 Marc Bouwer

First, let me blabber/apologize:

I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry! I know it's been a month and I said at least once a week and I totally hate that I can't bring myself to update. I feel so very guilty.

Now, onto some actual stuff.

I know there's a lot of fashion week articles going on but I'd like to focus on a Mr. Marc Bouwer. I absolutely admire and adore him for being bold and pushing the cause of animal rights in fashion-- and I love his dresses-- which are worn by celebrities from all over in many many awards ceremonies (I don't want to name drop...). He himself used to use fur in his designs but after learning the truth about the industry he became fur-free. He has also recently sworn off Australian wool. You can learn more here.

Marc Bouwer recently had his Imitation of Life fashion show, which was, by the way, 100% cruelty free. And the designs are absolutely beautiful, and I'm not just saying that... I am a very honest person is all. He even had a couple faux fur alternatives.

Some looks (photos from

He has also opened up a whole new market with his first diffusion line-- a new ready-to-wear collection called "Marc Bouwer Glamit" (OK. personally I think he could've come up with a better name...). Learn more!

These pieces are so beautiful that I kind of wish I could go through senior year of high school all over again to wear a dress like that. Almost. But they're absolutely gorgeous- it's a 70-piece collection consisting of "movie premiere-type dresses with sculpted busts and glittery accents." Normally his couture goes from $1,300 to $6,000 but for Glamit the price range is from $175 to $550.

He also has designed a couple pieces for QVC...I find this really affordable $50 faux leather skirt very intriguing...

BTW, followup on the last entry-- anyone see the new Spring 2007 Keds? Nanette Lepore and Eleanor Grosch are looking VERY good.

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Blogger Isabella said...

I absolutely Love those dresses especially the navy blue one and the short champagne colored one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.

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