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Labor-Intensive Commentary on the Latest Project Runway

Alright! So I just finished watching Episode 3 of Project Runway so I'm straight off my Project Runway high! We actually don't have access to Bravo in our little house so I've been catching reruns on NBC or parts on YouTube.

Anyone else watch Project Runway? If so, then read on! But don't read past this part if you didn't watch the latest episode yet because there are *SPOILERS*

On the second episode I have to say I was really sorry to see Malan leave! He just seemed so genuine and I really sympathized with him- that part about his mom just throwing down his drawings and his will to prove her wrong was just so... I don't know, but it made Malan very real to me. I do have to say that the dress kind of skewed off the path.

[screenshot from]

The other thing worth commenting on is Keith. Wow. [yes. he kind of looks like a scrawny jude law] Keith kind of...comes across as an arrogant jackass. I'm not too big a fan of jackasses. [who is?] But he is just an amazing designer. As displayed in the most recent episode~ it's not like he's cold-hearted; he tried to help Bradley get moving along to get his outfit completed.

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Oh God! And anyone remember the Tara Conner sort-of-groping thing going on there during the consulting about the pageant dress? I think he was the only person to physically grab her. And at first I was like, "Well maybe he's really just trying to show her how fitted the dress is." But right after he got on this really creepy spiel with this really intent stare:

Keith: [starts grabbing around] Totally fitted here. Fitted fitted fitted. Totally fitted, even in here.
Tara: Okayy.
Keith: I want to see your legs.
Tara: [pause]
Keith: I think your legs are SO important. They're Gorrrgeous.

You can actually view this segment right here. It's near the end of the clip- in the last minute.

Moving along- the latest challenge was for the designers to make an outfit for their model based on the "latest and hottest accessory"- the dog. I have to say I really enjoyed this episode! The puppies really carried personas all their own onto the show.

Puppy Moments:

1. Tim Gunn's face with all those little doggies scuttering around when he came over the little hill in Central Park.
2. Alison describing her dog exchange with Bradley. ["Bradley was like, what am I going to do with a poodle?"]
3. When the camera zoomed in on Laura's dog's face [she wasn't crazy about getting a dog] and said, "I actually didn't pick my dog. It was the last one left." It induced an, "Aww..." in me.
4. When Vincent's dog, "Lil' A," kept rubbing his head sideways onto the runway like an out of control lawnmower trying to get off his hat. Adorable and hilarious! I watched that part like three times. Vincent's story for his outfit however, eluded me- his dog's outfit was ten times more interesting.
5. When Jeffrey's dog fell to the side and started vibrating against the runway. Too funny. [he was actually tripping on the sleeves]
6. All the designer's proud faces [even Laura's]- commenting on their puppy models as they were strutting down the runway.

Uli won and Katherine was out. I was kind of dissapointed. I really liked Katherine. Yeah so her dress was more basic- but it was very casual which fit in line with her character's story. It sucks she didn't have enough time to add a hoodie like her dog's to her model like Tim Gunn suggested because I think that would've really saved her.

On Angela- Though I'm not crazy about Angela, I feel a bit bad for her since so far- because of her impression from the second episode with the whole Vincent-Angela-not-good-at-being-partners thing. I felt sorry because maybe some type of people don't work well with other type of people and maybe that's it. Unfortunately, first impressions are everything. But, as the judges put it, she also has questionable taste- black boots with bright gaudy puffy shirts and pinstriped stockings. It seems like the only thing she wears, that's all. I question her own taste myself. She doesn't pull off her outfits as well as she'd like to.

[screenshot and]

Now- Bradley. This is what Tim Gunn has to say about Bradley:

"Bradley’s dog, Stanley, was my personal favorite, because he was so emotional and needy -- you just wanted to give him a big, soothing hug. Frankly, I felt similarly about Bradley, because he was so disabled by this challenge. He had two fabrics: aubergine wool and honey gold silk... The top was a construction disaster. It looked as though he had sewn it with his feet. And the fraying at every seam and hem was horrifying. Prior to this disaster, he had another design, but he abandoned it; a likely consequence when you perpetually second-guess yourself. A mere hour before the judging, I thought he would forfeit, a Project Runway first, but he pulled himself -- and the top -- together." []

Now that you know what happened with Bradley that episode [plus it was his birthday on elimination day] I have to say I really love Bradley. He's my favorite designer- personality wise (along with Alison). Plus the aubergine and honey gold went beautifully [I love that color combo and had been thinking about going with those colors for the prom Sr. Yr but thought it was just too rich and royal-y for a prom] Just like Tim Gunn says, Bradley looks kind of disabled and he acts like sort of weird sometimes and acts like he's in a dreamworld. When he keeps scratching his head and looking confused you can't help but sympathize and want to go hug him.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time since I really didn't know what was going to happen with Bradley with Tim Gunn questioning the construction of the top. I was pulling for him and then all of a sudden when the judges just completely lauded his design it was an even bigger surprise and made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Speaking of Project Runway, here's an old bit of news on Jay McCarroll [Season 1 Winner]- he and HSUS are partnering up for HSUS's Fur-free Campaign at NY Spring Fashion Week. Eek! So wish I could be there. This is his first, long awaited collection and it's so nice that he believes in HSUS's cause. Sometimes you can't help but think not enough people care and then pops up someone like Jay.


"I'm thrilled to work with The HSUS because I care about animals and love making
great clothes that don't cause animals to suffer," McCarroll said. "With so many
fun and fashionable alternatives, there's no reason to use fur. As a designer, I
know that compassion is in fashion, and the animals need their fur more than I

You can read the article here. Take a few minutes to read it. It's definitely worth the time.

My favorite outfit of the entire season so far is still Robert Best's from the first episode. (and don't get me started on the red ribbons in the back!)

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Blogger Princess Rainbow Star said...

I love Project Runway too!

love the post!

Another Suburban living fashion lover

10:25 AM  
Blogger Jill the Near-Sighted said...

Project Runway is great! I agree with you on almost everything. I think Bradley has the best personality, and I loved Robert's first dress. I also loved Michael's coffee filter dress. Laura is my favorite designer so far. I loved her coat in Ep. 1. I also thought Keith touching Miss USA was creepy. And I thought Jeffrey was gonna be the new Santino. It's actually Angela. The dog show was totally unexpected and cute. And Alison's should have won.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Project Jay is much more engrossing as of late (though the kick-off was great). I hope Wendy Pepper makes a cameo!

7:16 AM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Thanks for all your comments! :)

And unfortunately- though I wish I did- I never got to watch Project Jay! The closest I got to it was reading this old [yet entertaining] interview where the documentary was mentioned (haha):

I have to say I wonder why he didn't take the $100,000...

8:59 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

project runway is great show, I LOVE IT

2:46 PM  
Blogger Isabella said...

I LOVE your blog!!! Please post soon.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

thank you so much for your comment. I've really been trying hard this first semester to post and I actually happen to be in the midst of trying to make an I'm-back-for-good-hopefully post! It's taking more time and effort than I hoped since I want it to be just right and there's so much to say. Hopefully it will be up by new years eve.

So don't worry, you'll definitely be hearing from me very soon. People like you make everything worth it. :)

7:39 PM  

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