Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Late in the Game: Haute Couture (Post #1)

It's a bit late in the game but I just thought since I looked over all the HC collections anyway, I might as well post about them. I'm no expert on Haute Couture so most of what I say will just be the impressions the collections had on me- mostly what I liked and disliked. I'm doing 8 collections today and 8 at the end of the week.

(all photos from

Adeline Andre- blah. I just liked the yellow of the coat. The line is really for matronly women but still...if you're old it doesn't mean you should have to dress boring. My mom's middle aged and I pushed and bought (well we split the money) a bright blue Beth Bowley trench for her.

Anne Valerie Hash- I thought outfits were interesting and unique. Balloon-ish shorts no good for large hips though, no? All in all, I really liked the collection. Quite pretty, nice washed-out pale color combos. Lots of "misplaced" ruffles and structural bits.

Carven- A few pieces were alright (as in 5). I really really don't like dark pantyhose with white pants though. Or pantyhose with cut-off pants in general. I especially didn't like the cranberry purple sad piece of fur. Interesting dress; looks very flaky and delicate like snowflakes.

Chanel- I don't know what to say. The first outfit on the runway was cute. The rest of the suits (@ looked uncomfortable. And the jean boot leggings- what was he thinking? It's something I would expect to fit right in a Guess ad.

This looks like what a modern xena would wear:


Christian Dior- It was kind of frightening. I know no one wears the haute couture clothes as they're shown on the runway- but it's still very scary and has the look of something utterly horrible and unappreciable.You kind of forget what real beauty is when you look at the collection. And then you start to wonder why all the head designers are all short men. (nothing against short men)

A Few Looks [The cream dress was the only one I even minutely liked]

Spare Me. Please. So Grotesque.

Christian Lacroix- My FAVORITE. There were definitely rough bumps- but my favorite collection by far. They were truly art and appealing to the eye.

Rough bumps- ew...I know that on the Vogue cover with Kate Hudson- it said broad shoulders are in. But's gorilla-like and disgusting and I feel so bad for that animal.

Favorites- I Loved all the colors combinations. And the purple tights.

Dominique Sirop- Nothing earth-shattering; wasn't crazy about it. [1st one- looks like someone ran over it with train tracks, 2nd one- did like]

Elie Saab- It was a nice collection. 2nd dress- I like how the black and the sheen of the blue velvet-looking material complement her skin.

Looking at haute couture collections really convolutes my mind and messes up my perspective of what a real good piece is- because you tend to think- well, these designers are the experts here so maybe I'm missing something when I really think a piece is dead-on ugly.

Regarding the fur pieces, it's just sad that millions of lives die in grotesque ways for silly reasons like clothing.

Sorry, but I have to show this (since it relates to this post)-

...because I didn't say anything about it last post.

Anyway, next 8 collections- end of the week. <3

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Anonymous Britt said...

gloria, that video made me physically sick. Like I'm really ready to upchuck, I can't believe people can be so lazy as to not even kill the animal first! I mean if they're just going to kill them anyway why not save them the pain and torture!? People can be so sick

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