Monday, June 12, 2006

Kate Spade Sale & Fred Flare

I actually have two finals on Wednesday but the Kate Spade Sample Sale is only for a brief period of time which is why I'm posting- the sale ends on June 15th. It's actually email-invitation only and isn't mentioned on the site itself so if you're searching high and low- tough luck:

Kate Spade can make things like this-

...which really scares me. (It's made of lamb fur...won't go into detail.)

But if you crave Kate Spade you're in luck since she does have products without animal byproducts (not meaning to be repetitive). (images are, of course, from

The doggy keychain looks a bit like a pug. Personally- I love the bright canvas pencil case and nylon dog carrier.

Also- Fred Flare has this $10 off any bags deal going on under this Friday, the 16th: code- TOTEALLY.0606

None of the bags have leather so splurge to your heart's desire <3

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