Monday, May 22, 2006

So you like Marc...

In light of our class going into New York this Wednesday to see the Blue Man Group (Wicked didn't win the overall class vote) I am making a post about Marc Jacobs. "What?" You may say- not seeing the relation between a bunch of blue painted fellows that throw cereal into the audience and Marc Jacobs.

Well there is none- just that they are both in NY.

Let me be clear- I am not a rich girl. I am no where near a rich girl. I am nowhere near upper middle class. Or probably middle middle class. Hence- Marc Jacobs is not fully affordable to me. That's why I'm heading to Bleeker Street when we'll be in NY to get some whimsical and very affordable MJ animal shaped pencil sharpeners or a lipstick pen or a heart-mirror... since my mother would probably not take me into New York for the plain sake of getting some $1 pencil sharpeners- no matter how cute they are.

I even saw MJ bandages on Ebay.

Yes, I suppose it's a tiny bit of a walk from Union Square (where we are getting dropped off to roam around until we get to see those blue men who make music) to Bleeker Street, but my heart is set! I will go into Marc Jacobs. It is my mission.

I even called to double check that they had the pencil sharpeners.

So now I spent about 2 hours finding (animal skin-free) MJs and compiling this entry. It's shameful, I know. Maybe things will get easier as I become more accustomed to doing all this html for images and links and stuff. Anyhow, you better appreciate it. It really is hard to dig up good bargains. But that's a sacriface I'm willing to make... although I realize I have not gained a readership yet and that hardly anyone's reading this.

I spent about more than 45 minutes just on finding the cheapest jelly ballet flats and gladiator sandals- the gladiator sandals are relatively newer and so I was surprised to find these on sale- and discounted so nicely too...

4.Plaza Too (available in gold and silver- I'd go with gold)

The ballet flat showdown-

1. Saks $66.50 (available in gold and white)
2. Plaza Too $49.99 (available in silver)
3. Cricket's Shoes $55.00 (available in gold and dark metal- this was the only place I've ever seen that carries the dark metal)

Marc Jacobs has had out- I've seen them in past month's spreads for magazines like Teen Vogue- these sort of horrendous looking flat flat footbed sandals that look like they were worn in jesus times. I don't care if they're cheaper than most of his shoes- they kind of look like a bed of foam. And they have drawn ire from me again and again everytime I catch them in a spread.

So you see, Marc Jacobs has bad days too. (photo from

I'll tell you how New York goes and psst...just in case you're favorite shoes are the ones from zappos :p

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

uhm ok gloria.
so you're kinda really awesome. i like this site and the banner on the top. ah so cute. cows <3 lol

keep me posted, dude. 8]

fyi - i like the shoes from zappos the most, too.

-iselin, nj. ha.

5:51 PM  

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