Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ah Anthropologie...

Ah Anthropologie. The more mature sister to Free People. The light of my life.

...except I, for one, am still stuck on your little sister. And to be truthful, honey- your taste was a little too expensive for me sometimes. But Anthropologie! Don't leave- I will always remember your cotton and jute and canvas and flowy fabrics that teased and tickled my chin...

Okay enough of that. Anthropologie's been having a sale (In-Store Sale is till June 11th) and I sneaked over to her white-washed porch to see what was happening.

They carry a lot of non-animal shoes- I found about 20 thingies you put on your feet- except, like all places, it has it's butt-ugly shoes. Or rather the ones that I think are ugly that you might think are pretty. Because just as Anthropologie has leather shoes that are a disgrace to any cow who grew up in a 2 by 2 feet space with no room to turn around in, who knew no life beyond that, who died for those stinking ugly shoes- there are ugly non-leather shoes as well. except, you know- there's no blood on your hands.

Here are the shoes- in the order of the ones I Like Most- to May Seem Questionable But I Bet You or I could Find a Way to Rock Them- to the ones that are Okay But Not My Style- as for the ones I really really didn't want to see on anybody's feet...well, they're not on the list. Since you know- I care so much about you and wouldn't want to disgrace you in any way. Some of these shoes are on sale- some aren't.

[Hey- 3rd row, 1st column- those shoes remind me of curious george. Is it just me?]

So um, yeah. If you're looking for shoes, look no further- don't support the industry that squishes baby calves into a 2 by 2 makeshift fence because I don't think you'd like to grow up like that...either. [Cause my goodness! Can't they even give them room to turn around once in a while and a nice view instead of those crooked planks of wood before they're killed? Because, you know, that would be thoughtful.]

Then there's this baby.

It makes me sad since I really love the look of this shoe. It's totally me. Me Uninhibated. Because to tell the truth, Me Uninhibated doesn't have to do with pointy lucite heels or stilettos from Gucci or Prada- it has to do with being able to carry off super cute shoes.

Maybe when I'm rich and famous one day (cough) this will be on my list of shoes to ask makers to remake. Because it's just that bloomin' sole that's stopping this shoe from being a cruelty-free, wonderful shoe. What else is on that list you ask? Okay okay okay I'll tell you -also on that list is the Moon Rising shoe by C. Label. The navy/white one.

And now it's a bunch of clothes and belts and handbags that are all on sale that I really really love or I like a little or I don't like but you might like.

This is the Jill Stuart Dress I was talking about-

Nicole Richie wore it on the front of Teen Vogue. Nuff said.

By the way- if you're having any trouble finding any of these items on their site- tell me! I have all the urls for each item written down. And also- Vivre.com sale ends tommorrow.


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