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Now who was the Prom's Stylist?!

Hey! I actually have quite a bit to say today- however it will be nowhere near the length of the entry about the trip into NY and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

First of all- how the prom was.

Uneventful. Boring. It rained constantly. Here's something I should get out right off the bat- I always have a bad day when it rains. Always. It must be an excess of something in the air. The day before prom- well it's a long story- but I basically had a crapshoot of a day and spent some of it getting yelled at and running around in the Friendly's parking lot during a unusually hardcore storm getting soaked that conveniently started just as we were leaving the restaurant. Imagine that.

I wish I had had this Betsey Johnson or Eyelet Umbrella. It would've been nice to keep me dry!

Betsey Johnson actually is a designer who openly does not work with real fur. <3,, and this really really well-written and interesting article.

Anyway- even after getting soaked to the bone- I thought for a millisecond that the storm was quite lovely and romanticized how interesting it would be if it stormed the day of prom- we would be on the boat and dancing inside while the rain was dancing outside and streaming against the windows- dancing against a dark gray purple sky- very poetic stuff.

Well it rained and poured. Here's the bad first: There was a waterfall above the tiny roof above the front stairs up to my house. I got wet. When we got to the dock- I stepped in a lot of puddles. My toes and my shoes got wet. I couldn't even let my dress trail on the ground in any way like the runway it was meant for. The ship was cramped. The dance floor was cramped and miniscule- smaller than even the semiformal's floor. We had to share it with other parties. My hair got wet whenever I went out on deck. Shoes were actually quite painful which I wasn't expecting since I danced all night in my shoes during the semi. They were painful to the point that I actually had my date carry me awkwardly- piggy-back styled (since my dress couldn't really spread over my legs like so) back to the bus. The DJ's music was horrible...he played Dirty by Christina Aguliera which is quite old. And the Macarana. Nuff said. I only danced to about 4 songs. The boat was actually supposed to go past the Statue of Liberty but it was too dark or something and for security reasons or something we couldn't go.

The prom was dissapointing. And Not only am I now known as the girl who scored unusually high on her SATs- I am also the girl who was late by 15 minutes and made everyone wait during bus-boarding to travel down to the docks.

So it was pretty bad. I looked pretty good- according to other people. At first my mom thought my appointment was later so I ran like an hour late- then I forgot my makeup picture so I had to have Jess print out one at her house- and I didn't even get a pedicure since I was running so late or get to do formal pictures at the school etc. I knew what kind of makeup I was doing- but it didn't turn out the way I really wanted it to since the wing out of the corner of my eye was a little curlier than straight and overall- I looked very asian. I looked like a chinese dragon lady seductress. There's nothing wrong with looking asian- it's just that I looked VERY asian. Not very western at all.

I went to the Smashbox counter to get my makeup done. Let me get this clear- it was very well done. The idea that I had that I had seen on a fairer-skinned person paired with not as pale yellow eyeshadows or darker lips just didn't work out- that's about it. In case you don't know- Smashbox was made by the sons of Max Factor. Smashbox doesn't test on animals- in fact- they proudly tote that they don't test any of their experimental products on animals- so of course that's why I picked Smashbox after I learned that all M.A.C counters were booked. I've never gotten my makeup really done so it was a treat.

But as for the whole night- I felt like I dressed up head to toe for you know what I mean? I mean I got all primped up and I recieved lots of heart-warming compliments- especially from Ashley who said I looked hot over and over again- but the night was just missing that *spark*.

I wound up buying a clear Smashbox lip gloss infused with micro-sparkles.

At the dance I spent most of my time trying not to be awkward since I'm just so socially uncomfortable sometimes. I was about to die when I found out that one of my dancing socks had a hole in it. -hangs head- That's what I get from stealing the socks in my brother's sock bin.

Food was good. I have pictures. Food was cute. Spinach Quiches and Mushroom things. Yummy Ziti, bootleg noodle beans (Beans that look like noodles but are really beans) nice moist chocolate cake, and scrumptious cheesecake. Then there's the picture Soupi took- unbeknownst to me!- of me string-smoking I guess you can call it.

But I really wanted to go all out and dance un-self-consciously! I practiced... kind of. But God, the songs sucked. And the Conga was quite cheesy. I got the yellow necklace thingy though.

So, on everyone's formal wear all I have to say is- everyone dressed amazingly. I was kind of surprised. I guess I don't give too much credit to my peers. There were Not so many generic uni-boob-ers. I took a few pictures.

Okay now here's picture after picture after picture. Not in order. Here's a picture of Shree's evening purse which was really cute- and then there's mine. My date- Sean- perfectly outfitted. Then there's Shree who looked astonishing and Soupi- who looked just Amazing and then there's Mike The MetroSexual who was pimping it with both ladies. There's a good picture of the cramped boat. There's my hairstyle- Twenty-Five bobbypins. There's Jess and Shree in their Indian dresses and then there's Amy's and Tara's and Ashley's dresses.

Then there's (don't laugh) the horrid dragon lady/evil chinese seductress/gangster-tomb-raider-hair-girl picture. Coral necklace was my grandmother's. Then there's a bunch of pictures of the upper deck and my corsage and my date. It's kind of cool how the pictures look like Sean and I are having much more fun that we did- we actually had to run out in the rain on the upper deck to get that picture (notice the rain on my Elizabeth Arden glasses) Did I mention there were puddles on the deck too? And then there's a collage of other nice pictures : ) And there's one random photo.

Unfortunately- not even life jackets could have saved this prom.

I feel really bad for not talking about bargains so here's a quick rundown on the best places to get dresses for cheap(er)- I'll make a real post sometime later-

Lots of <3! Hope you somewhat enjoyed the limited pictures of dresses etc.



Anonymous You can guess said...

Were you really that bummed out about the prom? I didn't really think it was as bad as you made it seem. But then again, I'm about as optimistic as they come. As for that missing spark, I'm sorry I couldn't make it spark more for you.

Although I'm a little hurt since based on this blog-blurb it means you lied to me about how you had a good time afterwards :(

8:39 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Hey, (like I told you a few minutes ago) it's not your fault- the whole day just went were about the only thing that went right and I'm glad that I spent prom with one of my closest friends. :)

The prom Was a bit dissapointing, but I did have a few good times! My mood that day was just blah though so that's why I probably just focused on the negative.

But you were great <3!

9:03 PM  
Anonymous You can guess said...

Awww, thanks, I just wish I coulda made it a good day or at least a meh, rather than a blah

2:58 PM  

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