Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada and some other things

I thought The Devil Wears Prada was good- overall. I did have to say the outfits were a bit over the top. Just...too TOO much. And sometimes, just too too trendy. Oh, and watching the movie tends to make you feel really guilty in the end about fashion. It made fashion seem very vapid and materialistic. Which it is...sometimes. All the actors and actresses were wonderful- especially Anne and Meryl Streep. I did notice that with Anne Hathaway's makeup though- her eyes looked really close-set- maybe it was just me?

Does Anna Wintour really act like Miranda Priestly though? I hope not, since I felt a bit of sympathy for the character Meryl Streep was playing. Anna Wintour must be more devilish. On the ending of the movie- of course, I wished that Anne's character got both the fashion industry and the boyfriend (while still maintaining her self-identity). I would have rather had her stick with the job for about a few more months so then she really could have gotten anywhere she wanted to...but still it was a lovely movie. My brother- who I dragged along to go with me since I watched Cars with him- gave it an A+. But then again, he's only 9...or 10...I kind of lose track...

Oh geez...And the character Christian Thompson? God...his eyebrows were so freaking scary. They were just so...disgusting. I couldn't even tell whether or not he was cute cause of those eyebrows dominating his face. Those eyebrows were the biggest faux paus in the movie. Someone should have said something when they were shooting. Also, there was this part in the trailer where Anne was at the coffeeshop ordering a "center-of-the-sun-hot" coffee- but that part wasn't in the movie...anyone actually see that?

So is Miranda Priestly really the devil? I don't think so. Is Anna Wintour? Honestly, I...don't know. Maybe if Anna gets her own reality show I could tell. Judge for yourself: http://voguesucks.com/ Anna Wintour is also probably the most prominent pro-fur person on earth which is why she's PETA's number one enemy. Maybe I could excuse it...if it turned out she actually has seen with her very eyes baby seals getting clubbed and dogs and cats skinned. Look in their eyes. Because then she'd make a more "educated" decision, kind of? But of course, I doubt it as ignorance is abound in the fashion industry. [meaning they don't like to face up to the blood and gore and instead brush past it and go on making money]

All I have left to say on that is...she ran recipies that used horse fat in Vogue. Horses are so graceful and majestic, lively, and to put it pithily- beautiful. Why would you want to use their fat to fry some french fries? Seems a real waste if there ever was one.

From HSUS:

How many horses are slaughtered each year?

Each year an estimated 90,000 horses are slaughtered in the United States and processed for human consumption. In addition, many thousands of live horses are transported across the border to Canada for slaughter. After these horses are killed, their flesh is shipped to Europe and Asia for human consumption. Their owners are often totally unaware of the pain, fear, and suffering their horses endure before being slaughtered.

Who eats horse meat?

Horse meat is not eaten in the United States; it is exported to serve specialty markets overseas. The largest markets are France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, and Italy. The only three horse slaughter plants in the United States are foreign-owned.

How do unwanted, surplus horses end up at slaughterhouses?

Most horses destined for slaughter are sold at livestock auctions or sales. The cruelty of horse slaughter is not limited to the act of killing the animals. Horses bound for slaughter are shipped, frequently for long distances, in a manner that fails to accommodate their unique temperaments. They are usually not rested, fed, or watered during travel. Economics, not humane considerations, dictate the conditions, including crowding as many horses into trucks as possible.

Often, terrified horses and ponies are crammed together and transported to slaughter in double-deck trucks designed for cattle and pigs. The truck ceilings are so low that the horses are not able to hold their heads in a normal, balanced position. Inappropriate floor surfaces lead to slips and falls, and sometimes even trampling. Some horses arrive at the slaughterhouse seriously injured or dead. Although transportation accidents have largely escaped public scrutiny, several tragic incidents involving collapsed upper floors and overturned double-deckers have caused human fatalities, as well as suffering and death for the horses.

If you want to learn about what The Humane Society of the United States is doing, what alternatives exist to slaughtering horses for human consumption, and what you can do to lessen the suffering of horses bound for slaughter read the rest here.

Speaking of animal-welfare, I was at Rag Shop during the weekend and I saw a whole variety of 100% polyester faux furs. At first I thought they were real while I was touching them to figure out if they were real but then I saw the sign. And Polyester IS recyclable. So when someone tells you that faux fur may not be ecologically safe...you should know that there IS recyclable faux fur. And that if you like that hairy look or just happen to have recently been wanting to creatre your own fur shrug or anything- that you should get faux...and maybe at Rag Shop, if you have one near you. Or maybe you can just buy this Rebecca Taylor shrug (I <3 Rebecca Taylor...one of my favorite designers) at Bluefly.

What else...summer has been...uneventful. I couldn't find any summer program. And what job if the only above average thing I can do is type 90 words per minute on a normal day, and 100 words per minute on a good day? Also I've been looking everywhere for an opaque-ish small 8mm-10mm yellow square to be Spongebob (ahem, last entry) and that's all I've been looking for and I can't find a simple yellow square pendant bead thing Anywhere. Which gets increasingly frustrating. So Please. If you know where to find one. Tell me. I don't want to scour the whole tri-state area.

Anyhow, it's July 4th. Hope you're having a good one. Peace out. <3

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I hate Anne Hathaway's bangs. I only liked Emmy Blunt.

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i love your profile image!!

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