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Carnivale de Couture: For the Sake of Style.

Sorry I haven't posted for about a week! In fact, its been quite a few long days this past week. From fretting over my bird getting a family member's hair dye on herself [tsk tsk! I know you might want a change- but I don't think black is the way to go with you], to visiting cross-eyed kitties at animal shelters (friend works there), to bumping into 3 classmates I haven't seen since middle school [2 arches- think cocky asian mean girls with one of them being a reverend's daughter, and 1 old-best], finally finishing this jewelry piece, to getting 3 Very painful shots for college (let's say, afterwards I was walking around the mall and I was wearing a tank top and I felt like a loser with bandages all over my arms), going to Target and getting a $10 Tara Jarmon black blazer, to having car trouble and standing outside profusely sweating in the sweltering New Jersey heat with baby blue Ralph Lauren cords on-- long cords.

Consequently, I thought I'd make something of that last dreadful situation and let it inspire me for the Carnivale of Couture topic! So glad to be hosting it this week, btw. : ) Many thanks to Ella and The Manolo.

So here's the topic:

Have you ever worn or not worn a certain something that was probably not the smartest thing to do but you did it anyway because of the sake of fashion? Or being horribly embarassed? You did something fashion-associated that probably wasn't practical and was punished in some way [suffering consequences by be it Mother Nature, or something or someone else]. Tell me your story!

Okay so maybe that topic is confusing. Which brings me back to the long baby blue cords anecdote and my own would-be response to the question: wearing long cords in 100 some degrees.

I could have rolled the cords up to knee-length. But I didn't. It was crazy hot outside- but I didn't. You know why? Because I didn't want to get them wrinkled. Yes. I didn't want them wrinkled. Cords get extremely wrinkled. And because I didn't want to cuff my pants-- cuffed pants aren't exactly at the top of my list. Truth be told, maybe the heat messed with my brain and made me too lazy.

Another example is when I was in 8th grade. I had this kind-of-mean English teacher. She made us read To Kill A Mockingbird- and then she said that the next day we should prepare to dress up as one of the characters and make some food like the food in Kill A Mockingbird to class. Hmm...a lot to ask for! Especially with just 1 days notice! Stupid tenure. Anyway, the assignment was going to count for a big portion of our grade (of course).

My mother said it wasn't fair to ask us to make something on a 1-days notice and so she didn't make anything on the food front. Instead, she and I rummaged through whatever little we had for me to be the old gardener lady in To Kill A Mockingbird. The next day I came to school with a bag filled with a wide-brimed hat with an obnoxious sunflower on it, a spade, and my mom's really really old baggy Aeropostale overalls. I hadn't really thought of it much that night- but the next morning I was reminded of how extremely self-conscious I was and how people in our school could just eat you up and be oh really so mean about the slightest things [I was in the Advanced classes and trust me, kids there were still MEAN] and by the time English period rolled around I was frightened out of my pants. Well technically I wasn't frightened Out of my Pants, because well...I never took them off to put on the outfit. [I would've been just too embarassed! And come on, so would some of you.]

Yes, I took an F. Because it was a fashion no-no. As in NONONONO. Plus I was shy and had low self-esteem.

Anyway, there are two anecdotes. Hopefully by now, you'll know what I mean when I ask you to share with me a story of the most impractical thing that you've ever done for the sake of fashion. And that you might've suffered consequences for. And if god forbid, you've never done anything fashion-wise (or rather unwise) that was impractical- well, just tell me the worst outfit you ever wore that will forever be engrained in your mind (pictures welcome!) [for me it was a rainbow Benneton sweater with "United States of Bennetton" on it, with this cherry/vanilla/strawberry plaid sort of throw-up-color corduroys- which I swear cannot be matched with anything and that I hardly wear ever so don't give me ire about it!]"

Post your entries on your blog and email me at about your post, or email me your response if you don't have a blog, or you can reply in the comments area. Please send them by this Sunday if you wish for your response to be included in the Monday post. :) Later entries are fine and will be posted later on in the week. Have fun!

On another note, being reminded of this issue after visiting the Sayreville shelter this should be common sense. But if you or anyone you know is planning to buy a puppy or a kitten-- go to an animal pound or shelter. Honestly. The majority of puppy mills - which supply pet stores - are complete disasters - constantly impregnanting dog after dog - and in fact sometimes there are complications that end in the new pet having problems and ultimately dying after some weeks. Plus by going to a pound/shelter you might be able to save a life from getting put to sleep with euthanasia.

While there I was also noticing that people came in the doors and asked if they had puppies (which they didn't at the time since everyone likes to keep tiny puppies) and when they realized there weren't any- they promptly left. Adult dogs need love too! Plus they're more likely than not, good-tempered and sweet dogs. It was disturbing and disheartening to learn how many adult dogs were abandoned/surrendered for the main part since they were longer that tiny cute puppy. I don't understand why some people are so intent on having purebred puppies-- they're more likely to have more health problems than mixed breeds. I mean it's science- if you keep mixing like dogs...well. Unless I guess, you know, you have a really good breeder.

Of course you should keep away from shelters who use kill boxes to smother puppies in carbon monoxide.

Anyway, here's a puppy mill investigation by Charlize Theron.

No one can really describe it better than these sites below where you can learn more- and even take some time to see how to help stop these practices and treatments: [an HSUS site]

Pictures Worth 1000 words

Find Pets Shelters:



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