Monday, March 17, 2008

Put your Legs in the air. your thorough list and guide to legwear.

Allons, allons les enfants... (there's my french for you)

We have already established from the "legs part 1 post" the (or my) tights-leggings craze and why it's OK to have an obsession. I have pretty much scoured the whole world to find you guys every designed pair (subtle to bold), brands of leggings (high-end to low), and stockists possible (US to UK)- excl. the typical ones (AA, U/O etc). So, by the end of this post, you should you should be getting a degree in legwear. Of course, I purposely edited out some which were untasteful or it's not just everything thrown together.
Sorry it took as long as it did to get this up...I've just really had to focus on my work, and it takes hours and hours for each post and it's quite labor-intensive and I don't get paid or anything out of it-- of course, except sharing my love with you guys! So sometimes it gets put on the back burner. I hope you enjoy this one though :)

outline for today's lesson (brands and online stockists):
no particular order

ktz c-neeon gaspard yurkievich DOSHABURI
hui-hui anntian TRAVESSIA
bernhard willhelm SHOP FATAL
vivenne westwood SEFTON
henrik vibskov TRES BIEN
bernhard willhelm, peter pilotto SEVEN-NYC
gareth pugh, maison martin margiela, sonia rykiel, comme des garcons, BROWNSFASHION
shelly steffe, in god we trust, Seize sur Vingt REFINERY29
cheap monday TOBI
sonia rykiel, maria la rosa LA GARCONNE

We Love Colors (...don't we?)

Let's start off easy, with We Love Colors. They're incredibly affordable [under $20]-- well, wait until you see other brands later on-- and uniquely cute! Not to mention, their designs come in a variety of styles, colors, materials-- footless, non-footless, knee-highs, thigh-highs, short socks... I'm especially in love with their splash color tie-dye effect design.

We Love Color in the Press [photos from]

TIP: This photo demonstrates why you should layer your socks. besides that I do it, of course...that was a joke. [although I can't do that length-- my linebacker calves]

Celeste Stein has mine (heart, that is.)

Up-ing the amp some more is Celeste Stein. This woman, whoever she is, is kind of amazing. Her line offers 1000+ prints, all of which I thumbed through, and found my favorite styles, which I have posted below. Seriously, the possibilities are infinite. Some of these are so perfect, and why pass a chance up to make like a wooden doll with long-grained legs or wear your vice-- little chocolate confections-- on your sleeve? I mean, legs? Plus, you get an option of sheer, non-sheer...etc... These are also around the ~ $20.00 mark. Not bad, but it's kind of sad that if I wanted all these beloved prints I've checked off, I'd be dropping ~ $350 like it's hot. Sometimes too many possibilities leaves you a bit crestfallen. [note to celeste stein: please stop making me sad with all these choices! how can I pick between chocolate, blue-red plaid, and bubble explosion?!]



! Warning. We are now heading into High-end territory. !

Into Space we Go, Peter Pilotto

$127 (and that's on sale) @

Slap on C-neeon

I like these for spring. They have crazier ones, but ehhh.

[in blue too!] 98 EUR @ doshaburi

Give Gareth Pugh, a Hug. [you know you want to]

These are sexy, atypical, but subtle and not too outlandish.

£55.00 @ Browns

Bernhard Willheim (is so fine!)

Are you looking at these? I mean, seriously, are you looking at these? I don't even know what those tie-back things should be called, but they're kind of awesome. They have their own genre.

$245 @

100 EUR doshaburi

46 EUR @

Henri Vibskov (offers you the most expensive piggies in the world. and no, they're not for consumption.)

These are cute. And Henri Vibskov is in general, a genius. But I don't think these are worth $495.

$495 @

Shelly Steffe makes legs look best!

Part tight, part legging, I think I covet these "leg skimmers" the most. Pretty unique, hard to recreate, they come in 3 different color combintations, and I love that creamy stripe running down the middle. These are knocked down to $90 from $180. Still out of my budget, but at least it's less than a pair of Citizens jeans, yes?

$90 @

I'm Fancyin

Gradient tights. Is there more to say? I like the way they fade away... $98 @ the [no I did not make that up]

Peekaboo, I see thee-- KTZ and Marjan Pejoski.


10 EUR (yes, 10) @ doshaburi

20 EUR @ doshaburi

Maria La Rosa, come a little closer

Gah! I'm going to drive myself crazy. These two just take the cake. The contrast leggings, and, knee-sock things? I love how subtle, yet unique, they are. Sorry, I know, the drooling on the page is completely disgusting.

$80 and $98 @ La Garconne

Got an Itch for Gaspard Yurkievich.

One designer has been going above and beyond the call of duty for socks and tights. Typically, designers will put out a few, 1-5, legwear designs for any given season, if any, but Gaspard Yurkievich...well he's put out a lot. And I love him dearly for it!

Sweater Tights [black and gold ones-- !]

30 EUR @ doshaburi

From the F/W 07-08

range 17-35 EURO [half off already] @

CURRENT SEASON: Jury's still out on these slouchy socks...[they also have slouchy knee-highs for sale from 07-08 that I didn't post] I'm wary that they might make your legs look saggy and wrinkled. But I say, don't knock it till you try it. The colors look smart too.

.chain socks.

Proving Tamer is not Lamer. in fact, it's kind of cute and whimsical.

Sonia Rykiel--

£16.00 short striped @ Browns & long $27.50 (sale) La Garconne

Seize sur Vingt-- unisex?

$28 @ refinery29

In God we Trust-- [love the metal horsebit charm]
$20 @ refinery29

Vivienne Westwood--

On sale: £13-17 @ Sefton

Form-- stirrup legging! I love.

eva new york

Comme des Garcons--
I had no idea they made socks before. I think these are all men's socks. Well, men need their fashion too. Hm...maybe if you're a woman with big feet you can also wear it?


If I had a boyfriend. I'd make him wear these.

And now as we are winding to a close, we're Heading to the Gallo.s

Up close, these are actually incredibly shimmery. And all of these are on sale, kneesocks and kneehighs. They're half off, now around the $20 mark, except the footless tights ~$40. From welcomehunters LA. They're made in Milan and quite luxurious looking...

The Gallo's Boys Club [men's socks]

Psst. Betcha didn't know Cheap Monday made leg warmers. $23 @
[imagine these pulled over some nice tights or skinny skinny black pants]

And you can always look for more adorable, affordable choices at
freepeople and anthropologie. I love these! The layering possibilities...

I hope you guys find something minutely interesting in this whole post...once again, sorry it took to get up! It's a lot of information. ;)
Need some more inspiration? Check out these FLICKR groups, and see how girls everywhere wear their legs. (or if you just want to see some artsy photos)
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