Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I bought them. Remorseful thoughts.

I have just pushed a button.

aka I have just bought them online.

I feel incredibly guilty.

I just spent $128.

I saved $47 in comparison to OAK's ilse jacobsen boots.

But that is not that much of a savings really when you are like broke and working free at a nonprofit.

I had envisioned saving more than that, but ebay's weird coupon and cashback regulations screwed me over. [the coupon code didn't cover shipping, and the cashback wouldn't work for UK purchases]

I feel slightly disgusted and disturbed with myself.

But I felt bad not buying it.

Finally, I did it since action is more interesting than inaction.

I am a horrible person.

But I have the boots.

Well, it's more like I will have them in 4 weeks.

UK shipping aka delayed gratification.

This is the most I have ever spent on shoes, believe it or not. And I just spent much over $100 for rainboots. I am retarded and crazy. (no offense intended to the retarded and the crazy)

I have never ever even spent that much for my Stella McCartney's. I would never ever normally even CONSIDER purchasing shoes for more than $100.

I am not quite sure what has happened to my mentality regarding these boots.

And even though I'm already kicking myself for having bought them in the Nutty Caramel color, in the back of my mind I am thinking how nice it would be to have the Orange ones and Black ones as well. . .Ilse Jacobsen, I really don't like you right now. You suck for making such obsessive boots that make a girl make decisions that lack both sense and sanity. That's right.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ilse Jacobsen's (rain) boots

I have decided I am in love with Ilse Jacobsen's (rain) boots.

photo: oaknyc.com

It started off innocently enough.

I saw them on OAK's website. Curiously cute things. Militant and spunky.

The next day I did some more googling on them.

The following day I was obsessed. I passed up pair of nicely priced Hunter's that happened to pass my way (I have always lacked rainboots).

The following following day I was still obsessed.

Today I drew a picture of them.

They come in all the colors of an appropriately edited rainbow.

They look like- what? Doc Marten's without the clown-like bottom.
Who doesn't want that?

I can imagine many happy outfits around these boots.

I cannot get them out of my head.

Of course- they are far too elusive and expensive at present ($175 on OAK) and I will need to patiently wait for the best opportunity to buy them. The best option of which may be ordering from the UK. Bullocks.