Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fur-free designers update: Ronson's fall show + Natalie Portman

First, I'm pushing off the BL interview & legs part II for the next post because it's taking way longer than I thought (I'm's taking up more time than I thought; it's very comprehensive...I've been working on it for like 3 hours already...cause I'm trying to fit basically every single pair of tights/leggings that exist into this post...+ organization + html time + formatting crap time etc)
And of course, from the photo you can see the proof of my hectic busy-ness this week. my side of the room's a MESS. the wall is my roommate's though...[so you can't see the extent of my mess] my side is more "artsy" and her's is half naked men.

So I feel really really guilty! Unfortunately these posts don't put themselves together. sad face. Therefore, I'm going to just make a quickie post for you guys, like a bunch of animal-free brands, catch-up stuff w/ animal-friendly celebrities and designers. some stuff that I meant to put up but never did cause I normally do articles instead of "news". Think of it like 3 mini-posts. Of course, outfits are recent.

I. Natalie Portman's high-end shoe line: Té casan
II. Charlotte Ronson's Feb. fall 08 show [HSUS]
III. My Recent Outfits

I. Portman for Té casan

Natalie Portman: "As a vegan, it's been challenging finding designer shoes made of alternative materials. This collection offers a great selection without compromising quality or style."

Natalie Portman is gorgeous (duh). And if you didn't know, Natalie Portman is a vegan. She's been so for like...just about forever? She's been quite active in her opinions and is a true animal lover. Anyway, she's designed for this company to create her own line. As the site says:
"[She] noticed the absence of fashionable animal-friendly footwear and
collaborated with Té Casan for her debut collection. Portman worked closely
throughout to maintain quality standards and an exceptional design aesthetic.
Dazzling, playful, elegant and free of animal products, each shoe exudes the
starlet’s own personal style." []
Natalie said once, “All of my shoes are from Target or Stella McCartney,” so I suppose it would make sense that she'd want to create some more diversity and options (target has its place though)!

As for the actual line's cute. It's not that detailed or mind-blowing, but... it's like...simple, sleek, hollywood glamour...but for the everyday. And each is hand-made and limited edition (100 of each style-- some are already sold out). Not to mention, ALL of Portman’s proceeds will be "donated to various non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental preservation [The Nature Conservacy] and animal rights".

her line is sold at and at Té Casan, 382 West Broadway, New York, NY, 212-584-8000.

II. HSUS and Charlotte Ronson partnership, fall 08 fashion show

Remember I mentioned Charlotte Ronson (sister is DJ Samantha Ronson) as a publicly fur-free designer? Earlier this month she showed her collection sponsored by The HSUS:

"Ronson credited attendance at an HSUS Cool vs. Cruel party earlier in the year for her decision to come out against fur, and the fur-free message was on full display at her show. The one faux fur garment shown made clear its provenance with a "no-fur" button on the lapel." []

Do you love it?

I love it. Plus it's a lot more sophisticated and fine than the past things she designed.


clap clap clap

Why are all these designers going fur-free? see the reality.

III. My Recent Outfits

Although I am no model, I've been trying to vary up the poses so you guys don't get bored. (crosses fingers)

psst... these are the oxfords I finally invested in. which I waxed poetically about for ages.

now you can see the messiness.

I notice that when I put up outfit photos taken in the mirror, they're sometimes fuzzy and dark. this is because the flash blinds the whole thing. but this time I just decided to do it anyway. (1/2 with, 1/2 w/o)

my conservative look...w/ stella mccartneys of course.

hugs and kisses!

Friday, February 15, 2008

update on w-th.

hey-- I'm completely swamped with work-- o-chem and bio exam, lab reports, papers... I'll do my best to get a post up on Wednesday-Thursday this upcoming week! Check back then : ) kisses! hope you all had a semi-good Valentine's day.

you guys should be expecting legwear Part II with a Q&A from Brian Lichtenberg.

PS. In case you guys have been wondering, I have been watching the new season of Project Runway...I was rooting for Chris March on Project Runway for the most recent challenge to make it to fashion week...but I ended up looking at the 5 designers' collections for Bryant Park...and was sooo disappointed! Now I hope it was Rami they're picking for the final 3. I also wasn't too big a fan of Jillian's during the show [whimper-y and neurotic], but her Bryant collection was so fine. loved it.