Monday, February 26, 2007

Prada's Shift.

Good news! So...Miuccia Prada's fall-winter 2007 show had no fur in it. At all. Purposely. The Australian reported that it only "featured only fake fur, made of mohair fused with wool - unlike last winter's line of fox-fur coats, bags, hats and helmets." She called it, "fake classic," in reference to probably the theme--

It's kind of amazing, considering that fur has been absolutely everywhere-- I mean, at least a "little" trim tends to make an appearance in 99% of the fashion shows. She was quoted as explaining, "I'm sick of fur because it is everywhere...I'm bored with it." Regardless how lavez-faire she sounds, I can't help but feel like it's a bit more than this designer lets on; she didn't exclude fur or not like the look of it-- she chose an alternative; "Prada chose precious Alpaca fleece and high-tech wool fusions to create garments resembling fur, feathers, astrakhan (the pelts of baby goats) and shag-pile carpet."

If one wished to employ common sense, one could say that this move from one of the most powerful high-fashion labels was bound to happen sometime because the truth is-- yeah, there has been just too much fur exposure. Fashion moves on. It's whimsical, sometimes not in a good way, and of course that can always mean that fashion will move back... For now I'm just glad this move has happened, because I's Prada. If a label like Prada stops something that used to be a huge part of its collection, people, especially those in the same industry, are bound to start a gradual shift torward a lot less fur use.

Since I'm talking about this, I might as well say a few words about her collection...which was a mix of different types of textures and colors (lovely and interesting). There were some very (intriguing)..shapeless and plastic-feather streamer-like pieces of clothing--two things I'm not too much a fan of). A lot of the ensembles seem like they would look a million times better if the cardigans, dresses, or coats were fitted-- but of course, that wasn't the purpose, right?

all photos from

If I had one word to characterize the would be "slug" (that or "worm" or "icy-moss creature") Not in a mean way- though I hate those colors like that- just the brown-tan shiny patent color looks like slime from a slug-- not to mention the purse and the shiny-sleek-texture of the beanies (especially the brown ones) and the odd odd cone-heel shoes (personally...I would stay away)

And then there was the...innovative? Not for me, but I can just imagine some elderly lady giving a whack to some potential thief trying to steal something.

My favorite looks-- also two accessories I could definitely see myself latching onto: the footless socks-- esp. the two-tone ones and the headband.

So what I'm hearing Prada is saying for the fall is: different textures, shapeless, slime-shine, two-tone socks, cone heels, and fur-free. Sounds good to me.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Natural High

Ever since the beginning of high school, I've had this...strange love affair with Sugar (the brand, not the little granules- though those are good too..). From shoes to cosmetics, their electrifyingly hyper, cute logo and packaging mesmerized me- except for the unfortunate period of time when they came out with mary jane joggers- which just really creeped me out.

I remember when I bought my first set of Sugar mascara tubes- off of Ebay- and my first Sugar shoes- which I bought for my friend as a Christmas gift, being the generous person I am. They were navy flipflops with a cute yellow rubber ducky on the strap that made noises when ever you pinched it (I so wanted to keep them to myself! I kind of wish I did...the friend lasted shorter than the flip-flops). I just recently bought my first Sugars ever over winter break-- it just sort of happened! They're these dark purple "hook-up cats" (that's the style name).

Over the years, Sugar has just blossomed into an amazing line and successful shoe+cosmetics business (who would know it would work out so well?) based in Irvine, CA. Of course, there's another plus I like about Sugar...I think just about...95% of Sugar shoes are all non-leather/non-suede. I've only recently discovered that they also make the same styles for kids (look at's collection).

You can find out where to purchase Sugar at - it has a handy list of online retailers. They mention one place, Alternative Outfitters, which is a cruelty-free online store with all non-animal products. Offline, I know I've, for sure, seen them at Urban Outfitters. The only online retailer they're missing from the list is Hot Topic and on occassion has them.

They carry a lot of different styles: the beefy boot, the graphic boot, morigami boot, origami boot, the cat, etc... I would stay away from "parka boot" and "da bomb boot" though. Otherwise-- they're so cute and unique. My current favorites:



Go crazy!

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

<3 Marc Bouwer

First, let me blabber/apologize:

I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry! I know it's been a month and I said at least once a week and I totally hate that I can't bring myself to update. I feel so very guilty.

Now, onto some actual stuff.

I know there's a lot of fashion week articles going on but I'd like to focus on a Mr. Marc Bouwer. I absolutely admire and adore him for being bold and pushing the cause of animal rights in fashion-- and I love his dresses-- which are worn by celebrities from all over in many many awards ceremonies (I don't want to name drop...). He himself used to use fur in his designs but after learning the truth about the industry he became fur-free. He has also recently sworn off Australian wool. You can learn more here.

Marc Bouwer recently had his Imitation of Life fashion show, which was, by the way, 100% cruelty free. And the designs are absolutely beautiful, and I'm not just saying that... I am a very honest person is all. He even had a couple faux fur alternatives.

Some looks (photos from

He has also opened up a whole new market with his first diffusion line-- a new ready-to-wear collection called "Marc Bouwer Glamit" (OK. personally I think he could've come up with a better name...). Learn more!

These pieces are so beautiful that I kind of wish I could go through senior year of high school all over again to wear a dress like that. Almost. But they're absolutely gorgeous- it's a 70-piece collection consisting of "movie premiere-type dresses with sculpted busts and glittery accents." Normally his couture goes from $1,300 to $6,000 but for Glamit the price range is from $175 to $550.

He also has designed a couple pieces for QVC...I find this really affordable $50 faux leather skirt very intriguing...

BTW, followup on the last entry-- anyone see the new Spring 2007 Keds? Nanette Lepore and Eleanor Grosch are looking VERY good.

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