Friday, August 31, 2007

A Model Life: Few minutes Finale Countdown!: All things Model

This is the all-things-model-in-reality-tv post I warned you about...albeit put out a little later than I had hoped. *blush* Well, the amount of information dug up on "A Model Life" was a tad overwhelming. Strange, since it started not being rather known about online (I know cause I was previously ranked #2 whenever anyone searched a model's name from "A Model Life"), but when fans really start searching, a bunch of stuff pops up, which they proceed to share on forums.

Just so you know what's in store, this post is mainly about all the info I found about "A Model Life" and there's a bit at the end about ANTM. If you don't watch A Model Life, feel free to scroll down to the bit on ANTM.

So for those of you who watch A Model Life, you probably already know I had no coverage on the last...(4?) episodes...mostly because most of you guys don't have access to it.

Anyway, rather than do a tiring summary of the last 4 episodes, I'm deciding to do a runthrough of the most interesting things that have happened to each of the models, and my "feelings" regarding them (since the models are the most important part, yes?). Consequently, these will include pivotal moments of the last episodes. Besides, From Inside the Box does a stellar job on the recap/reviews already.

Michelle: Girl did good. So far in the series she booked her first runway show-- a la Nicole Miller (and the only girl who did I might add). I'm really warming to her as a model; she's got a strange-unique look but she's just really good at working it out. Personality-wise, she can come off a bit awkward and wound-up...(and angry in her Nicole Miller walk), and she's got this nervous tense laugh. Some say she's boring but I think she should just have a glass of wine before meetings to loosen her up. I just feel for her though because I know what it's like to be the odd one out. Oh, and Nicole Miller was so sweet! Just really nice and genuine; gave Michelle a runthrough of the catwalk and introduced her to Cyndi Lauper. She was strutting with the heavyweights too, Daria, Irina, and walking right in front of Chanel Iman.

Angelika: My oh my...I feel like I should leave her last because she's just soo complicated and it gives me a headache. At second glance, I started to appreciate her a she's a bit cynical and sarcastic (2 traits I can identify with) and she sticks up for herself and voices her evidenced when the head honcho, Next co-Pres Joel, called all the girls in to admonish them on their lateness (38 min?) to the Sports Illustrated shoot. Angelika caused the whole gang to be late and she didn't even admit, when asked, that it was her fault...I think it would of been selfless to spare the others who were trying to cover up for her. Anyway, more about Joel's reasonable (i.m.o) lecture on lateness. Angelika speaks out as he's talking, being forceful and interruptive, and not very respectfully. In a nutshell it's a bunch of, "We already know OK?". At first when she was speaking her mind, I was glued (in a good way) because she was asking important questions, like why they weren't being sent on too many castings (though she could've said it better), and also I liked the fact that she was speaking out as an equal, reminding us that even though Joel is in charge, she shouldn't act as though she's inferior to him (which would be hard to do to your boss). But then she kept on interrupting and being argumentative and antagonistic, and that just did it for me. She seemed to have no respect at all, wanting him to justify his years in the industry to her, a starting model with maybe 2 years experience at most. Either way you look at it, she has guts definitely.

In the next few episodes though, after Joel decided to let her stay, I decided that...I kind of hate her, as a reality TV model. She's stuck up, has no respect for anyone (she was right snarky with Michelle in the last episode), and seems like in her heart-of-hearts will never care for anyone's opinions except her own. I do agree with her that modeling is superficial, an "illusion", and to a lesser extent, that "it's a joke". She seems very blase about modeling but when Joel was ready to axe her she was like, "I'm so serious about doing a good job." From the previous episodes, she also comes off like she's trying to justify her position in this industry that she doesn't give a crap about by thinking of the good supermodels can do once they become spokespeople. But in all reality, only a few do become spokespeople, and if you are passionate about wanting to "change the world" there's um...other routes than modeling. Plus, I doubt she'll ever get to the status of supermodel and even more so, I doubt that her attitude would ever cause non-profit organizations to have her front them.

Angelika's a bit of a princess who thinks she knows everything, honestly. A dark cynical princess, but a princess nonetheless. Early on she would roll her eyes whenever another one of the models didn't understand something or a certain pose, etc. And yet her own walk is...kind of horrible. I don't know what it is, but she's got this awkward movement that kind of seems like she's always A) walking on her toes, B) leaning back, C) flat-footed. When she was told to go to a walking instructor, she started laughing hysterically. Enough said.

But yes, her photos are not bad and she had gotten into two fashion week shows; Chris Habana (?) for GenArt and Jenni Kayne...neither of which I had heard of prior, but I rather liked Kayne's line.

Abigail: This girl also got into the Chris Habana (I want to say Habanera) show. Anyhow, I was so surprised, in the last 4 episodes she's gone under such a transformation. She used to be really body-conscious (in a bad way), sensitive, and mental about shoots but she's so chill now. She started off awkward girly and ended up intense woman...y. She finally showed she had more than one look, and did a gorgeous job on the Gilles Bensimon photoshoot they all had. Speaking of Gilles, I don't know if that was his typical style with taking shoots, but seemed like he couldn't care less about the photos; like Petra just called him up to coax him to do a shoot and he was like, "alright alright." He didn't give much direction at all and just chatted to them...his method kind of reminded me of the way maybe he would shoot celebrities instead? [just chatting and making them smile for the camera]

I love how early on in the series, they would give her subtitles because her of British accent, and she's the one who probably speaks the most proper English! Anyway, the girl's real sweet, goofy and I can hardly believe she was 16 at the time of shooting.

Valeria: First off, she was the only other girl to get a fashion week job; Jenny Kayne-- very wobbly walk. But uggg...what to say? I know I started off really liking this girl (she wasn't that good at shooting back then), but after the Sports Illustrated swimsuit episode, it all just went downhill for me, personality-wise. She told Ashley Paige (anal bitchy skimpy bathing suit designer) to her face that her suit was really uncomfortable and she pretty much loathed it. So Paige is an anal bitchy skimpy bathing suit designer, but not only is it unprofessional to act in the way she did, but to tell her the way she did, with a painful expression like she had cramps, that she didn't like the suit at all to Paige's face...well, that was just disrespectful. She kind of seems like there's this inner edge to her, like you wouldn't want to be near her on when she's PMSing that time of the month.

She's got that look I like out of all the girls and she's done really well as the show's progressed, but I'm not a fan anymore.

Lucia: Of course, Lucia's still my favorite! So Lucia didn't get a Fashion Week job (all the better too seeing as she got bronchitis that week) but it was because of her own choice not to go to castings (she was wider in the hips making it hard for her to do runway). She's such a doll though! Gorgeous, sweet, goofy, funny, and outgoing. She would be a role model. Sigh, if I could be one-tenth as charming as Lucia... So it seems she might not be cut out for runway, but could totally dominate high-fashion press (and has since then, will elaborate later).

Beatrice: This Brazilian's actually grown on me... even though her photoshoots go terribly (emphasized by the girls' two agents). She just seems like a reserved, but really sweet, sometimes giggly, girl and personality-wise, she'd definitely be the one I would be more prone to get along with as friends. I've gotten more used to her face now, that I think she could only do high-fashion, not catalog work. But guess what? That's what she's doing now! (after the show ended) Mostly work for Kohl's, Macy's, etc... I know that's great since they're big names and good for her, but...I just don't think it suits her look. For department store ads, her face is that two-dimensional pugsy petite-featured face, it's not really a good forum to appreciate her beauty. "If only she could model." Like when she did that Hamptons magazine shoot she was gorgeous and I could finally see what was so great about her look...there's a certain angle she needs.


And I loved how she called every girl "baby" even though she's the youngest out of them all. ;)

So in approximately a few minutes, we will finally know the outcome in the finale of A Model Life; "Petra and the Next agents reveal their plans for the aspiring models. Five find themselves one step closer to earning a contract with the agency but one of the girls comes up short and is sent home empty handed" [].

From this point on, possible SPOILER alert According to online speculation and fans' digging, most believe that Valeria is the one who doesn't make the cut. I was thinking Beatrice would be cut because of her performance, while I was wishing that Angelika would be cut, but online NEXT modeling sites and other sources seem to indicate that all the models have an online page with NEXT (as well as other agencies outside)...and here I thought they'd want no trace of possible endings (normally in competitions, the participants are under contract to not give away the results).

NEXT pages [warning: PHOTOS GALORE]:

Abigail Fox-

Beatrice Bererra Da Fontoura-


Lucia Dvorska-

Michelle Godin-

Valeria/Valerija is signed with Chic Management in Australia, and photos
can be viewed here:

Another place Beatrice's photos can be viewed is

Ms. Lucia Dvorska also happens (well according to Wiki) to be currently signed to:

Elite Model Management- New York (unsure about
this one...I
would think it would NEXT or Elite, certainly not both
Louisa Models
Viva Models- Berlin


MC2 Model Management

Isn't that insane? And from her photos you can tell she's doing tons tons TONS of European magazine work.

Oh, and this show even has a Facebook following, with 100-some photos (careful, one can get lost).

It's all a bit too much, even for me.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is their myspaces. I'm so surprised that they actually use myspace as their primary means to communicate. I kind of feel like a dirty tramp snooping around their myspaces (the ones that are public), and although I thought about it, I'm not going to go in-depth about their conversations, which give a lot away about the show, the ending, the work they're currently getting and perhaps the most intriguing-- where, location-wise, they are planning to go next [I'll just say Beatrice had been in Miami--as one of my readers suspected--then HK, NY. My girl Lucia's been all over the place-- Tokyo, Brazil, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia... Michelle's been between Miami, London, NY...etc]

I have no idea where Abby and Valeria have shot and what magazines they've shot you see, it's good publicity when your myspace is public. If people love you and they see that you've shot a spread for a zine, they might just go out and buy it. But seriously, I think if you can't deal with the light, then step out-- signing to do reality tv comes with some grounds, you know? Starting models would die for that exposure and fan base.

Michelle's also fronting the Chris Habana print ad campaign surprising as Chris Habana didn't ask her to do the GenArt show...the other model with her was a winner of Britain's Next Top Model. I think maybe Chris Habana knows how to take advantage of reality tv models to gain exposure... You can see that Michelle is so versatile in this photo though! Even with her look.

And there really isn't an agency's site with Angelika's current work, except for A Model Life's facebook photos. However she has done the Mike & Chris summer 2007 campaign work (I knew I had seen her from somewhere!). She didn't get the fall work though... I don't like that last shot though...she looks wasted.

These are public:
Angelika's myspace
Lucia's myspace
Beatrice's myspace

These are private:
Abigail's myspace
Valeria's myspace
Michelle's myspace
Thanks to the avid fans at,, etc...

There's a lot of personal photos too. I'd feel really icky posting them (even though it can't be too personal if it's myspace... are you kidding me?) But here's a taster of Angelika...

And Karl Giant, their awesomely sweet-but-a tad bitchy-in-a-playful-way makeup artist (he has one of those TV personalities I just love!), has public myspace too...although it has rather...unusual photos.

PS. They all still supposedly keep in constant touch with Petra which I think it great...And Lucia is supposedly getting married! If the photo of the two of them I saw was correct, welllll I think she could've snagged cuter, but I'm sure he's super sweet like her so congrats!

oooh Luciii (& not her bf)


Now on ANTM...

Is it just me, or do the girls in the newest cycle 9 look more like models than in any of the previous cycles? (although I thought the cycle 7s were pretty good) I'm almost not ready to watch ANTM anymore...the drama will give me a headache after being treated to civil episodes of A Model Life...I wonder if the AML girls would've not been as civil if it were an actual competition...? Maybe? Perhaps? Definitely?

And is it just me, or is this Ann Markley from a past ANTM cycle? []

will update soon after regarding AML results!

Friday, August 24, 2007

My Two F/W 2007 Idealisms [+ thrifting lessons]

I don't know about you, but sometimes I have a distinct look that I'm imagining for myself for a season. I have had two such images in my mind for a while, one fall look and one winter look:

Fall- British Countryside Romantic Indie Girl.
Winter- Chic, Sleek, Mod Minimalist.

Haha! I know, you're either thinking I'm insane...or insane. ; ) Wait, it gets better..

So I decided to do a bit of sketching since I have had these two looks taking up valuable vacancy in my head.

My high school never offered art so don't get your hopes up! I also included my own ideal color palettes for fall and winter. Brace yourselves:

British Countryside Romantic Indie Girl

I couldn't quite get the hair right. It's supposed to be messy-wavy, tied back with a few clips in a bun. on each side, two sections of hair braided back. Of course, I don't really expect to achieve this hairstyle...I'm not too good when it comes to that. And as I will tell you in an upcoming post on my F/W obsessions/trends, for fall I'm loving that rich caramel /cinnamon color (so much personality!).

Chic, Sleek, Mod Minimalist

Um...this one did not turn out as well, I mean, was based of an idea of an outfit I put together using one of our felt piano dusters (that what it's called?) as a semi-scarf. I mean, haven't you ever wondered? They're quite cute with the zig-zag edges...they are soft but hold up their shape pretty well so it's supposed to stick out at the ends to make for an interesting silhouette.

I tried to draw a face on it in Microsoft Paint so it would look more feminine...not quite sure if I achieved it. So figuring I'd have better luck I made a complete Microsoft Paint picture of the outfit I was thinking of, along with a T-shirt dress version; it's supposed to be a loose-fitting dress, but I also drew one (last photo- middle picture) with where the bottom of the bust is so you can see where the scarf is supposed to end.

OK, no?

Thrifting for those fall looks

So I went down to Red Bank about a week ago and they have some nice thrift shops there so I thought I'd do some be honest, my past experiences have been, bad with thrift shops. But Red Bank has some good finds! Some great things that I haven't pictured: black sequined shorts, a red/gold brocade party dress, and a fuschia day dress (missed some buttons).

Anyhow, so I went thrifting with those two ideas of Fall/Winter looks in mind...and somehow, I wound up with a spread of items very Marc Jacobs- Louis Vuitton 2007 F/W- painter-esque. Especially with all the blouses I bought and that vintage (cloche?) hat! Surprisingly, it stays on my head very well (I wonder what year it's from!).

MJ's Louis Vuitton 2007

Photo Op w/ Hat

O-ho-hoh! Like a stereotypical early painter, oui?

Went in with one idea and come out very MJ-LV painter. Strange, right? But it can definitely be layered into the fall look I had planned out. The palette is certainly very fall 2007.
My total was: 3 belts (1 Coach) = $3
Lace hat = $9
3 blouses (2 silk) = $18

= $30

Not bad, if you ask me! Photos of my haul:

Paired with belts

The 5 Golden Lessons I've learned from thrifting:
1. Go with a specific idea/overall look in mind. Or else you'll be a bit overwhelmed about how you're going to work everything into an outfit.

2. Don't be scared of large sizes! At least when it comes to blouses; they fall naturally and nothing's wrong with a loose, flowy fit. One of the blouses I bought was extra large...I've been obsessed with tie-neck blouses as of late (I'm typically size 2) at least it's great for achieving that flowy MJ-painter look. On the same note, do not be scared of shoulder pads! You can snip them off later (that's what I did...and I may even be reusing them in a sewing project).

3. Do not automatically void a piece because of what size it says it is! Vintage sizing is different than contemporary; try anything you're curious about. I had one blouse which read size 14, but it fit like a small-medium.

4. If you have bought anything silk, hang it up right away, or else it's going to distort into whatever shape it was thrown into the bag. I learned this the hard way with two of my blouses... they got so wrinkled! (Tip: If you want to wash something silk and can't do drycleaning, you can wash it with some shampoo--but if you do dryclean, go to a green cleaner.)

5. BYOB. Best to Bring Your Own Bag-- the shops I've been to reuse their bags, but bring your own in case.
Anyways, I'm out, peace and love as always!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall's Oxford Heel: the one thing you'll buy

For any fall trend, you can normally find a piece or two in your closet. For example, fuschia is supposedly to be big right now, and I'm sure we all have a piece of vibrant dark pink something in our wardrobes! Or if the cocoon sweater's back in, you probably have a large collared sweater already in your closet that you can work.

However, if there's one article from the list of 2007 fall trends that you probably don't have, that you might be purchasing, it is the oxford heel/ lace-up heeled ankle bootie. Chances are you don't have a pair (at least I don't! and I hardly see anyone wearing them), but with magazines and runways having been run full of them, they may just work their way into your fall closet.

I have thought high-heeled platform oxfords (& lace-up booties) can look, quite honestly, a bit...funky, and maybe not in the best way. But I admit they're growing on me... Of course, I prefer a thicker, lower stacked heel to a high oxford stiletto heel (which to me, looks like you're trying a little too hard...and for me, seems a bit impractical)

I also realized that in my post a few weeks ago on the effects of leather (which I hope you guys thoroughly read!), I should have included some non-leather, cruelty-free shoes. I just didn't want to make that post too long. So this post should cover answer that question as well: How do we get on this trend but be cruelty-free at the same time? Because, granted, this style is a bit unusual...not something you'll find too easily in a store. And if you do, it probably does contain leather/suede and over $150.

So yours truly has gone digging for some affordable (and animal-free) oxford heels. I think the most classic bet is the Charles Albert "Maggie" one.

And here are just some leather-free shoes in general that I've been digging recently (see? tons of options!) maybe one day I'll even post my shoe collection on here...

As always, a quick search on ebay with key words, "vintage" & "oxford" can bring up a choice amount of unique (& environmentally friendly) oxford heels-- if you must need leather.

mmm...I can already imagine how well it'll go with skirts and some shady opaque tights!