Saturday, October 13, 2007

ANTM, Gossip Girls, and an oxford dilemma

I feel like it's no use saying sorry over and over about not posting! School's really a total crapshoot...drama as usual and...well, I don't know, I'm just so confused about everything-- academics, myself, relationships. Sometimes it's hard to know you can't rely on anyone and even when you're hurt you keep trying, but it never works out right. Just normal kid stuff I guess! I swear I hardly have time to do anything else but worry! Midterms after midterms...homework after homework...lab after lab... don't let them fool you! college is high school^10.

(my latest purchase- $10 shiny star rebecca taylor tights)

Anyway, sometimes you just need a good divertment...which is why I was online window-shopping [currently up to 80% off final sale] and [85% off...AMAZING deals...check it out. I wish I knew earlier today when more small sizes were left!] and also just catching up on all my tv shows today [30 Rock, the office (which is starting to grow on me), ANTM, DH].

Speaking of ANTM, there's a lot that I think is kind of wrong with it-- all dealing with Tyra digging about personal questions right off the bat, having girls spill their private life and whether they were raped or not already on the first episode all over national tv for the sake of reality tv, rehashing their pain and tears. Also dealing with Tyra wanting to look all good for putting a girl, Heather, with multiple disorders on the show-- she has to mention her syndrome or ADHD every episode. I think it's great that this girl wants to be a model and show that even if you have certain problems, that you can still be a model... but she still needs to be treated the same way the rest are. Tyra always has to bring up something like, "did you know she has this problem?" "she is so fierce even with this problem" "you know, this is a serious problem."

I know Tyra wants to redefine beauty in the modeling industry and bring attention to causes but Treat Heather like normal! Maybe she wants to be treated like normal! Modeling-wise. In one episode, to create some sort of drama I guess, they partnered Heather (who has a syndrome that makes her socially awkward and unperceptive) with another girl on a photoshoot...while all the other girls had their own photoshoot. Seriously, leave her alone.

Of course, then there's also the typecasting: like the smart girl, Victoria from Yale. Come on, yes I agree she's an unusual pretty, but lots of girls are unusual pretty...the Yale thing was definitely a TV intrigue point for them (like the Dartmouth girl last season, and like Ya-Ya who was from Brown) or else they probably wouldn't have asked her on the show. I know! I sound so negative, but I feel like it's the truth. I'm not too much of a fan of her, she seems really set in her own ways...not as open-minded, extremely defensive...maybe that's not the best way to describe it... but I don't think they would let her win either because she seems the hardest to relate too, because of her personality and her being extremely smart. I know it sounds stupid, but people tend to dislike people like that. I did love her last shoot though, don't get me wrong, I think she's a great model (at least for print) but I think the reason ANTM is picking these specific girls for their reasons...its just...not right. And I just don't think they would let her win either.


Anyway, if you want to know my good and bad list [well it's traditional, isn't it?]: I'm disliking Bianca... and glad Kimberly's gone...they both are a tad loud-bitchy for me. Kimberly said she tried not to talk to Heather because she believed Heather would be clingy due to her self-consciousness...not so lovin' the 'tude. I'm actually not really rooting for Heather either... she needs to be babied 24/7. Haven't made up my mind about Lisa, the (to be politically correct) "bikini-dancer". The first time I saw her I thought she was there's nothing wrong with her. I'm a fan of Jenah and Ambreal-- both look and personality. They haven't gotten much camera-time as of yet...but I think they're going to make it far in the competition. Will they? Only time will tell. xoxo...


Just kidding, that was a Gossip Girls reference! I've been watching that too... I tried not too in the beginning [I read the first two books and stopped], but I couldn't help it...Manhattan? Fashion? Scandal? Deadly but addictive ingredients. I feel a little old to be watching it (18) and the acting is pretty bad, and it's not executed out the best way, but I think it will get better. Like, the acting is bad enough that you just watch it, and think, "wow, although I can typically never spot bad acting, this is BAD." Two of the big characters , pretty-boy Nathaniel (who reminds me of Ian Somerhalder) and Serena (main girl) could majorly step up on their acting. I love the girl who plays Serena though (she was in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), but I just don't feel like her experience is enough for a main role and it comes off on screen. They're just not very believable...of course, it's just a show, but I'm just saying. The fashion's fun though! Love it (Blair's school outfits? amazingly cute).

And I love the actor that looks like a younger, nerdier, cuter version of John Mayer and some other guy who I can't think of presently. He delivers his comedic lines PERFECTLY. no idea what his name is, but you can tell he's working it. The girl who plays Blair kind of looks like she has the same face in every shot, but the end of the last last episode, she did so well...I was almost about to cry! She needs more interesting lines like those, ASAP. Gossip Girl has potential, that's all I'm saying. It has potential to be a must-watch, and what's addicting about it so far is that the two main girls aren't simply evil or good [like in one tree hill you can trust Dan to always be an ass, but Lucas and the rest of the gang to be true of heart] but they are genuinely bitchy one second and sincerely sorry or sad the next. I think that's refreshing. Anyway, Gossip Girl is the only way I get my fix of Kristen Bell [ex-Veronica Mars]...only her voice, of course...which is absolutely infuriating. She needs more than a narration role...if the CW thinks they can appease Veronica Mars fans but just sticking her with a purely vocal role, that is whack.

I actually didn't start writing this with the intention of this turning into a TV post. I had other ideas on my mind, but I guess it's too late to go back now!

Oxford Continuation- Dilemma

So, I recieved a tad urgent email from a reader, Melaurie, asking about Pamela Anderson's white oxford heels pictured in Oct. 15th's US Weekly and if there was a cheaper/less expensive version-- because of the oxford heels post I did. Anyhow, since I don't subscribe, I went to the bookstore and took a cameraphone picture of the shoes. Then came the reasoning part, kind of fun and kind of tedious. They have red soles, and I doubt Pamela Anderson would wear anything with red soles but Louboutins. But I looked all over online and could not find this style. Here's this interesting part-- Pamela doesn't wear leather at all so that was a definitely throw-off. I can only suppose they're a special order of a new style that's not yet on the market? But they're unmistakeably Louboutins..I don't think another designer would try to mimic red soles. Keeping a look out on Ebay is another possibility as well.

Surprisingly (this is the pain in the butt part), no matter how much I searched, I could not find white oxford heels...period. Oh yeah, there's tons of black and brown, even blue, oxford heels...but not white. So sorry! Don't know why that is. The only oxford heels I found that were white were these...and I feel embarassed to even put them on here because they're kind of stripper-esque. There's also the partly-white Maggie shoes I mentioned last time. Totally random, but I also found another versions of leather-free oxfords..though not white ones. In case anyone isstill looking for the right pair: $29 on sale from Newport News, a patent croc PU version $35, and $45 patent-looking ones, and a 30 pounds shiny black Asos pair. In order mentioned:

1. "Sexy Shoes"

2. Delias

3. Newport News

4 & 5.

6. asos [which happens to be having a major sale now]

there's also 2 ebay vendors selling cute animal-free styles: here and here. (sometimes here)

it's 4 am here...signing off. <3