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Roster of Fall Trends [+ & what are you doing for fall?]

AH, Gloria here. Apologies for not writing!! I swear, this always happens to me...whenever I get back to school, I'm totally uninspired concerning post ideas! It's because I hardly get off campus, and I focus so much on my o-chem and physics now (it's so killer) that I can't even begin to think about fashion or anything concerning it. I haven't gone shopping since summer. So this post is totally gonna suck ass (seriously), but I just wanted to let you guys knows I'm still here! [I guess that sounds really stupid].

So I'm not even thinking about the spring runway collections...I mean, SPRING. goodness in SoCal it's still warm at times...I can't even whip out my fall ideas [2 posts ago]. I mean, you try wearing your fall wardrobe when it's 80-90 degrees out! Or even worse, your winter palette (mine is pink, red, white, cream, gray, black) It's really annoying too because I'm just slumming it --clothing-wise-- I just wear whatever + sweatpants half the time. I wore my phillip lim uniqlo dress like the 2nd day of the semester and...that was it. I feel like I'm in limbo! Anyway, so how in the world can I think about spring when we haven't even gotten through fall and winter...and those 100s of collections? It's way too overwhelming.

About a month ago I decided to catalogue all the trends different writeups were saying would be in (or rather, what those in the know would be more inclined toward) for F/W 2007...and it's a LOT:

Fall/Winter Trends

gray, and brown
head-to-toe black
dark with the occasional punch of a rich, muted color
purple shade accent colors
polka dots
large, volumed sleeves
matte metallics/ lame
chunky knits
thick, heavy heels [maryjanes, oxfords]
very fitted, body-conscious clothes
opaque tights
origami folds [interesting, but unfortunately not mainstream]
broad/strong shoulders [ewwww]
Russian, Asian
trapeze shapes
lame, rosettes
bubble hem?
as always, waistline goes higher and higher.
long gloves
sequins [well, they had a lifespan of a week a month ago]
car coats
white tights [not so much I think]
cowls to hoods
the 20s
refined elegance/lady-like
brocade, satin, velvet

sooo which of these are you guys doing? what are you gravitating toward? I already spilled the beans on what I'm leaning toward for F/W, so you guys do the same! I want to know. From this list though, all I know is that I'm good with the lady-like and minimalism...and dark opaque leggings [along with decorative, interesting, leggings] are a the one thing that's a for-sure for this season.

F/W 2007 declared "in" things that are an issue:
fur. (cough cough) [that's what they say every year]
feathers (cough cough?) [I don't think it's sticking]
patent leather? [well they say this every year as well]

carolina herrera :(

Of course, I'm sure you read the ethics on leather post I did, so I am going to insert my "mini-PSA" about fur. You know there's something to it when Rebecca Taylor and Nicole Miller very recently announced that they are never using fur again.

I've made so many posts about the problem with fur and the common arguments for wearing fur...they're all under the "category" section under "animal cruelty - skins industry". But today I'm just going to say this... it's important to be an aware consumer. Animals (including the babies, whose skins are also prized) go through so much pain and torture right when they're born and are ill-treated. Their lives go unappreciated. It's not as easy as people want to believe-- that they live in the wild, then are captured, and you take the meat and make it into a coat. Some people tend to have a "it's what's typical of life" mentality, that the fittest survive.

But this is unapplicable, this industry is so beyond cruel. They don't even have a fighting chance to live. This isn't natural selection. And then there's the, "We need to control the population." And that's just...uncomprehensible to me. The demand is big enough that these fur farms are inhumanely killing millions of lives that they make them keep breeding and breeding. Animals were not put on Earth to be exploited. Someone once said that a country can be judged on the way it treats it's animals...which holds much truth. What makes the pain between your dog and a fox different? Why do 20 chinchillas need to be killed to hang on a woman? And speaking of dogs, the fur industry is so huge now that in China, dogs and cats are being skinned alive for their skins, so then that brings a closer question, how is your dog's life any different from another dog's? And then there's the apathetic, "Why should you care?" Well, why wouldn't you?

The good crazy part is you can do something about it. The only way it can happen is if the demand goes down. You can not buy into the industry, you can talk about it, write letters to your favorite retailers, write letters-- sometimes they're already written out for campaigns-- to your favorite labels [Burberry:] You're a consumer, and in that, you have power.

I normally always give links to PETA & HSUS...thought you might like to hear about a different site:

As my future lover (I wish) Joaquin says..."It is hard to fathom that anyone is still wearing fur. It is so plain to see that killing animals for their fur is completely barbaric. The only purpose is vanity." Hey, I like to look good...but I just don't want to harm lives while doing it.

ps. you know I <3 you guys! I'm taking time to finish this @ 3.20 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am doing Russian, mostly because my luvah brought me back some crazy ass hats from the mountain folks of russia, they are handknitted not fur. But incredibly huge like the fur hats.

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got the mags from second hand shops around the city. I have way too many so I resell some of them in my etsy shop, if you are ever interested. Not to sound overly spam like, but just thought I would share!

11:14 AM  
Blogger Carolina Lange said...

Wow! Great post, love the selection you've made of the fall trends!

12:33 PM  
Blogger cotton candy said...

wow!! cool post!!

5:16 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Your right on point with the new fall trends!

5:16 AM  
Blogger penelope said...

haha i agree wif u!! lol! anyhow the fur business is just... i dunno. to most; fur= rich &famous and such.. so unless this thinking is changed.. i dont see how the animals are gna be saved...

anyhow thanks for d comment(: glad u loved the post!!

9:25 AM  
Blogger - jesse said...

Agreed! Fur is disgusting and I never understand how it's "elite" to be wearing something dead on you anyway. I mean, seriously, the idea alone is just disgusting.

Not to mention the unspeakable cruelty.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Cris Lazoru said...

Lovely ideas!


8:30 PM  
Blogger Romeika said...

I HATE fur. I can't find it beautiful in fashion terms and what they do with the animals is disgusting. It doesn't matter if some animals don't suffer from it, but i just think it's unatural this thing of killing an animal uniquely for its fur. I'm not a hypocrite that says we should stop eating all sort of meat too, but this fur thing ewwww..

A couple of years ago i watched a video which they show the entire process of removing the fur of an animal while it's still alive. It broke my heart. It's just too sad. I wish fur stopped being worshipped for once.

4:40 AM  
Blogger Diana @ So Fash'on said...

all i think about is the next spring summer season :))

3:44 PM  
Blogger molly said...

ooh purple accents! i diiig

and i agree about the fur.i love your attitude...i dont mind looking good but i dont want someone to suffer just so i can!

10:51 AM  
Blogger sara said...

Yeah some days I just want to wear running shorts and a t-shirt.

x sara o

7:48 PM  
Blogger jadorevogue said...

My favourite fall trends are tights, oversized cardigans, wide leg pants and the colour grey.
It's so great to see how your passionate about animal welfare. It's heartbraking to see these photos of the animals.
Great post!

1:04 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

come back soon!

7:03 PM  
Blogger Diana @ So Fash'on said...

I don't know if you noticed, but I moved from to, and I would be happy if you could change the link on your blog! Thank you so much for taking the time.
Hugs and kisses, Diana

3:24 AM  
Blogger Bella said...

Hmmm...lets see I LOVE grey...its so much less intense then black...and purple's gorg...and the 1920's art deco-ness is my pretty uninspired sucks ;)

6:34 PM  
Blogger mareGa said...

What a post! I personally not really into fur wearing, because I watched this crazy video that showed... you know, it was so sad...

12:55 AM  
Blogger Emma said...

Brill post!

9:10 PM  
Blogger mysterious art said...

its rearlly a good one to spread this around,you have done d great job i m myself a designer and my sis is an animal activist,it feels great to see people there like you care about im from india and donot use leather.

3:50 AM  

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